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Top Things That You Will Need When You Bring Home Your Newborn Baby

Welcoming a newborn into the household is one of the most exciting events for any family.

For many, it means the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to become the custodians of a small human being that will be treasured for the entire span of the parent’s time together with that bundle of joy.

It is also the fulfillment of months of patient waiting and often pain and anguish – not only during the birth itself but during the pregnancy when names have to be chosen, baby showers held, diets changed and rooms repainted.

However, that stress becomes even more acute for those first-time parents who are faced with the daunting task of deciding what should be on the first shopping list for the newborn in order to ensure that the new addition to the household has everything that he or she requires – and that the unforeseen does not trip up those new (and anxious parents).

So what should be on that first shopping list for your newborn?

Babywear Essentials

The first things to tick off the list are those babywear essentials. Although picking out clothing based on the cuteness factor can be tempting – it really is a better idea to focus on keeping that newborn comfy and warm.

Some great ideas are the evergreen onesie – (the type that snaps at the crotch), at least six shirts (with snaps), some footies style pants, about eight one-piece PJ’s, front buttoning sweaters, a couple of sets of rompers, a week’s worth of socks, some beenie style caps, a couple of wearable blankies and a fleece suit (for those chilly winter days).

That should do it for the immediate requirements as far as clothing is concerned.


Then we come to the nursery. This is where both baby and parents will be spending much of their time – so make sure everyone is comfy.

The first purchase should be a crib ( a cot or bassinet are both also great choices). A firm mattress with a snug fit to the crib is essential (also get an ample supply of sheets).

Then there is the rocking chair (a luxurious option is a leather or faux leather recliner – but the rocking is simply so much easier in the b5raditional chair). Install a Baby Monitor and purchase a changing table.

Get a toy basket and perhaps a hanging mobile. If you are going to go the green route than a nappie pail would be very useful.

Diapers are going to at the center of your universe for a while – so make sure that you are prepared.

Your first essentials shopping list for the newborn should contain either disposable newborn-size diapers or 6-10 dozen cloth diapers (and the same number of diaper covers).

Unscented and allergy-free baby wipes – about three large boxes should be adequate – and do not forget the diaper (bum) cream.

Bath Time

The joy of bathtime with the baby is one of the most precious treats that any parent will ever experience. Be ready for that perfect bathing experience with the right purchases.

The first of these is, of course, the baby bathtub. Parents will also need baby-friendly shampoo and gentle baby body wash. Half a dozen hooded bath towels are absolutely required as are soft washcloths and baby lotion.

Baby Feeding

Baby feeding is a full-time job and you are going to need all the right equipment to make the process as painless as possible whether you are breast or bottle feeding. Make sure that these essentials are on the list.

Around 10 bottles and nipples, a bottle brush, non-nursing Mothers and Dad’s will need formula, while those breastfeeding will need a breast pump (if you are breastfeeding you will need breastmilk storage bags, nursing pads, and nipple cream. around 10 bibs and the same number of ‘burp cloths’ will make the process a whole lot less messy.

Recreation for Baby

To get the most out of the baby experience watching that little face light up is so important. Put a baby bounce chair on the essentials shopping list.

A stroller (one that converts into a carrier is a great buy) and a baby car seat is required if you will be taking baby out on the town for an adventure.

It will not be on your shopping list of essentials – but bring a smile and some baby talk to the experience and you will be paid back a thousandfold in smiles and baby talk – above all have fun and keep your days filled with love.