Best Baby Baths for Newborn Babies

A baby bath will help to support your baby during washing.

Baby baths are available in a variety of shapes and styles and are the perfect way to let your little one enjoy bath time until they are old enough to sit in an adult bath by themselves.

Here are The Top 9 Baby Bath in Ireland:

What to Look & Consider When Buying a Baby Bath?

Bathing babies properly needs the right baby gear and learning the baby bath basics. The perfect size baby gears are the baby baths that provide safe, fun, and stress-free bathing.

Indeed, choosing the right bathtub gives a baby a wonderful experience of bathing with maximum safety. But, how to choose the perfect baby bath for your newborn babies?

Let’s jump right in to know the features you must look at and consider when buying baby baths in Ireland.


Various designs and sizes are found when you go to buy a baby bath. This must put you into a dilemma about what you should choose and what not!

Therefore, before making a purchase, make up your mind that you don’t need a luxury baby bathtub.

You can pick up the portable, lightweight foldable, and plastic bathtub for babies. Some other materials baby bath tubs also provide good service while using.

Give priority to the foldable bathtub over the inflatable bathtub as these are easy to store.

Size matters

Although the design isn’t a big concern to the parents, the bathtub size really matters. If you have a small baby just two to three weeks, a large bathtub may risk his life.

Conversely, for the bigger babies, the small baby bath will be uncomfortable. Therefore, choose the bathtub according to the size and age of your baby.

Whether the bathtub is small and large, leaving the babies in the bathtub alone may risk his life.

Safety concerns

The newborn babies cannot sit on their own until they become 6 months old. The shoulder and head remain very weak and sensitive to a newborn baby. So, it is compulsory to provide a strong support baby during their Bath.

A good bathtub comes with a rounded corner or smooth surface around the upper side of the bathtub. This provides the kids proper safety that they need whilst taking a shower.

Cradling feature

Cradling in the bathtub is the plus point for the little babies to ensure secure and fast bathing. Due to the fabric or adjustable mesh sling, the babies cannot move so much.

When the babies don’t move so much, you can easily complete their bathing securely. The mash cradling also makes his bath time fun and enjoyable by providing comfort.

Easy cleaning process

Your baby bathtub should be easy to clean and must prevent all the mold and mildew. The less it accumulates the mildew, the lower time you’ll need to clean the bathtub.

A baby bathtub shouldn’t take a long time to clean as this is made of portable plastic materials.

Don’t buy a second-hand bathtub.

Most of the baby bathtub contains the plastic component. After frequent use, the soft plastic disposes of the harmful chemical. So, buying a second-hand bathtub might cause allergies to your baby’s skin.

Fair enough!

You must change your plastic baby bathtub after a few months. And don’t ever think of buying a second-hand baby bathtub as it’s injurious for the baby skin.

Our Top Pics of Baby Bath in Ireland

1. OK Baby Onda 3-in-1 – Seating Positions Design

This baby bath seat is ergonomically designed to mold easily to the shape of your baby and can support them comfortably in 2 different seating positions, helping to grow form 0-6 months and then 6-12 months.

The water thermometer and level indicator make this baby bath a safe choice too.


  • Anti-slip rubber backrest
  • Spacious bathtub
  • Easy to check the water levels
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Small for the healthy babies after 6 months
  • Occupies space

2. Shnuggle Baby Bath – One of the Most Comfortable Baths for Baby

This cleverly designed baby bath has a padded backrest to help keep your baby warm and comfortable, and the upright seating position helps to relieve the discomfort of colic and reflux.

The ergonomic design fits easily into the bath and helps keep the water in the bath warmer for longer too.


  • Bum supportive bathtub
  • Ergonomic design
  • No chance of slipping down
  • Pretty comfortable


  • A white-colored bathtub may get stained
  • Not so large

3. Angelcare Soft Touch – Made from Hygienic Mesh for Easy Cleaning

This baby bath comes with a mesh insert that is easy to keep hygienically clean and supports your baby comfortably during bath time.

The mesh easily adapts to your baby’s temperature and helps to them warmer for longer in the water too for added comfort.


  • Provides optimal bath support
  • Hygienic and resistant to molds
  • Dries quickly
  • Stylist and newborn baby bath
  • Indicates the optimal level of water


  • A little slippery baby tubs
  • Cold plastic support

4. Nuby Baby Bath – Built-in Baby Seat Design

This sleek and stylish baby bath comes in a white and grey design that includes a built-in seat so your baby can sit comfortably as they bathe.

The helpful hand grips make it easy to move the baby bath and the anti-slip base means that it will always stay in place too.


  • Stylist bathtub with anti-slip base
  • Provides support and comfort
  • It prevents the baby from sliding down
  • Lightweight and inexpensive


  • It isn’t useful for babies more than 4-5-month old.

5. Munchkin Sit and Soak – Lots of Added Support for Baby

This baby bath is very comfortable for your baby thanks to its support bump and foam backrest, this baby bath also comes with a convenient plug so you can quickly drain and clean it.

The compact seat design is great for a wide variety of baths too.


  • Supportive to bump
  • Padded foam backrest
  • Non-slip compact seat
  • Easy removal of dirty water through the drain hole


  • Too small for the big babies

6. GoBuyer Ltd Baby Bath Tub

This foldable and portable spacious bathtub provides enjoyment and relaxation to the babies during bathing. Including environment-friendly high-quality materials, this bathtub ensures the security of the babies.

Due to foldability and portability, you can take this baby bath anywhere with you. Moreover, save the space of your room by buying this bathtub for your little ones.


  • Travelling bathtub
  • Stylist Design
  • Long-lasting and lightweight
  • Non-slip mat
  • Easy to store


  • A little expensive

7. Okbaby Onda Tray Azure Compact Shower Baby Bath

This is an anti-slip compact and lightweight bathtub for smaller babies. Supporting the back, the rubber feet of the baby bath ensure stability to the baby.

Due to anti-slip support, bathing small babies becomes easier for the parents. In contrast, the included thermometer indicates the exact water temperature of the baby bath.


  • Excellent baby bath
  • Sturdy and nicely shaped
  • Specially designed for the newborn baby


  • It doesn’t feature any head support
  • It doesn’t hold a lot of water

8. IKEA LÄTTSAM Bath Baby Bath Tub

This is a sturdy baby bathtub that is made of polypropylene and comes with an anti-slip feature. Cleaning the baby bath becomes easy because of its polypropylene construction.

The anti-slip features prevent the baby’s sliding until he finishes bathing, thanks to the sliding protection for that.


  • Anti-sleep protection
  • Sturdy at a reasonable price
  • Decent quality


  • A bit complicated to Bath too smaller babies

9. Belupai Baby Bath Pad

This is mildew-resistant, non-slip bathtub comes with a bathtub seat for your infant support. The seat keeps the baby’s head and body out of the water while you’re bathing him.

With the comfortable baby bath pad and leak-free feature, this is Ideal for the newborn Bath. Your baby can use this inflatable bathtub for bathing until he cannot sit upright.


  • Easy infant insert
  • Manageable size
  • Suitable for babies up to 6 months
  • It gives safe and comfortable bathing


  • A bit slippy

Do You Need Baby Baths? 

Regular bathing may make a newborn baby sick as they aren’t used to it. But when taking a bath, you must use the baby bath for them.

That’s because the body of the baby is susceptible. Showering the baby keeping in the baby bath ensures their safety during bathing.

When Do You Need Baby Baths? 

The babies don’t need to shower until they have two to three weeks. After three weeks, they need to take a bath regularly, a day after once or twice.

That means, when the babies reach 2-3 weeks, you must buy a baby bath for them.

What Makes a Good Baby Bath?

The good baby bath features a simple design with maximum safety. Sitting in a good baby bath, a baby enjoys his shower with comfortability and relaxation.

So, bathing the babies doesn’t become a problem when you have a good baby bath.

Why Trust Baby Shop Ireland?

Choosing the right bathtub provides a wonderful experience of bathing for the babies. The “Baby shop Ireland” chooses the baby comfortable bathtubs with the extra features and Angelcare Baby Bath Support.

Unlike the traditional baby bathtub, their selected infant bathtubs are ideal for zero month-to-grown-up babies.

Whatever the types of baby, whether it’s quiet or naughty will enjoy bathing in these bathtubs.