Best Baby Blankets for Toddlers & Newborn Babies

Baby blankets can be used to keep your baby comfortable and swaddled, as well as to wipe away any spit-up moments or to provide a soft surface if you need to lie them down to play or to change them.

Here are The Top 9 Baby Blankets in Ireland:

What to Look & Consider When Buying Baby Blankets?

Apparently, a baby blanket helps the baby to take a peaceful nap without outside disturbance. Babies need cuddling all day like his mom to feel safe. The baby blanket creates a safe and mother-like environment for him.

Now, if you want to ensure all these facilities for your baby, you must get the best baby blanket. But, how to choose the best baby blanket?

You must know details about the baby blanket types and what things to consider to buy the best baby blanket.

Types of Blanket

First off, come to the types of baby blankets. Based on the baby’s age and using purpose, you’ll find different types of baby blankets on the market.

They differ in their quality, size, materials, weight, and so on. Here are some most used baby blankets of modern times.

Swaddling Blanket

A swaddling blanket is extremely suitable for infants and newborn babies. They are luxurious blankets that are made with two layers of the soft bamboo blend.

So, there’s no suffocation risk with these blankets like the soft blanket. Instead, they swaddle the babies tightly like the mother’s womb to provide them a safe sleep.

Receiving Blanket

Receiving a blanket is the blanket that was first used to wrap the babies after coming into the world. It is a lightweight but versatile and multi-functional baby blanket.

When you lay down your baby on an unfamiliar surface, the receiving blanket provides him a familiar environment.

From the newborn to the older babies, almost everyone can use this blanket. But depending on the baby’s age, the size of the blanket should change.

Security Blanket/ Plush Blanket

The security blankets are made of soft plush or fur materials. These blankets are soft, cozy, and lightweight; hence the baby feels comfortable after wearing them.

According to the AAP (American academy of pediatrics), the soft blanket may cause suffocation to the babies. Still, you can use the blankets for your infants after 12-18 months of age.

Crib Blanket

The crib blankets are ultra-soft and comfortable options for the babies. They come in different materials, but the cotton materials are the coziest baby-friendly material.

Usually, these blankets come in large-sized and cover a large place, including the baby’s body. So, they are advised to use it for the babies after 12 months. That’s because the infant or too young babies feel suffocated in the large blanket.


Crocheted blankets are handmade blankets for the baby’s nursery decoration. The baby blanket yarn is a little rougher, which makes it breathable. So, these are perfect blankets for the baby’s first few months.


Sleepsack is a type of baby bag which is the right option for newborn babies. It gives the baby freedom to move his hand, head, and body instead of confining movement.

Lastly, the sleep sack reduces the risks of baby suffocation as it doesn’t hold the baby tightly. But the babies after 8 to 10 months don’t like to sleep in the sleep sacks.


You must ensure the comfortability in the baby blanket for ensuring his disturbance-free napping. The simple, low-tech, and breathable baby blankets are comfortable for the babies.


Ensuring baby safety means avoiding the blanket that causes the baby’s suffocation and tangle.

The blanket, which is too soft like fur, hinders the breathability of your little ones. (According to the AAP) Therefore, too soft blankets should be avoided for newborns and infants.

Conversely, the weak blankets cause tangles on your baby. Consequently, the baby starts to feel restless. The blanket starts to lose tassels, ribbons, and fringes are made with weak materials.

So, you must avoid such baby blankets for the safety of your baby.

Skin-Friendly Material

The blanket you choose for your baby must feature skin-friendly materials. Otherwise, skin rashes, blemishes, etcetera might appear on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Organic cotton, bamboo, or microfiber are baby skin-friendly materials. Conversely, fleece, polyester, wool, etcetera is unsafe for the baby’s skin and breathing.


Whether you choose a lightweight or heavy baby blanket, make sure your baby can breathe well in it. Breathability refers to the quality of passing air through the blanket. It ensures nothing will hinder the breathing of your baby.

Ideal Size

The size of the baby blanket should be a little bigger than the size of your baby. The larger baby blanket might cause SIDS; conversely, the smaller blanket doesn’t provide enough comfortability.

Instead, buy a baby blanket that you can use for several months until the baby grows-up. Besides, ensure the baby can be rolled up to easily to frequently wash into your machine.


Picking out the attractive and functional blanket designs isn’t so difficult as other things. With the functional blanket design, you can hold the babies properly and comfortably.

Moreover, it makes the babies more attractive and adorable. You can hardly refrain from cuddling and adoring the baby with attractive blankets.

Baby-Friendly Weight

The lightweight and medium-weight baby blankets are the perfect choices for newborn babies. Both of these weights make a versatile and user-friendly baby blanket.

You can wash those baby blankets frequently that remain between light to medium weight. No need to say that the baby blanket needs to wash frequently as the babies are messy.

Our Top Pics of Baby Blankets in Ireland

1. Clair de Lune Marshmallow Baby Blanket – Plush and Luxurious Baby Blanket

This baby blanket from Clair de Lune makes the ideal gift and is available in a range of different colours to choose from.

The plush, soft material makes it a comfortable and snuggly choice for your baby and can fit all cots and Moses baskets.


  • A cozy and warm blanket
  • Suitable to use from the birth
  • Versatile and Multiple application
  • Perfect nursery fabric
  • Machine washable


  • Hand washing doesn’t clean the blanket properly
  • Not so thick and warm for heavy snowfall

2. Mixixiong Pure Cotton Baby Blanket – Best For Newborn Baby

This mixixiong baby blanket is made from 100% pure cotton and is doubled layered for added softness and comfortable.

Featuring a cute and fun sheep design, this baby blanket is suitable for cots, Moses baskets and prams too.


  • Wearable blanket for all season
  • Super soft and breathable
  • Lightweight and solid stitching
  • Baby-friendly reversible design


  • Hand-wash only
  • Cannot bear the chemicals, like bleaching

3. eYone New Fleece – Hypoallergenic and Sherpa Backing

This baby blanket is made from hypoallergenic material and has a Sherpa backing to ensure that it is super soft and gentle against your baby’s skin.

This baby blanket comes gift wrapped with a ribbon and tag, making it the ideal baby shower present too.


  • Ultra-soft blanket
  • Blanket for travel and play
  • Gorgeous ribbon built
  • Perfect for winter
  • Suitable for the animals also


  • Small for the older aged babies

4. Bloomsbury Mill Cellular Baby Blankets – Great Value Twin Pack Choice

This baby blanket from Bloomsbury Mill is made from 100% organic cotton and is the lightweight and comfortable choice for your baby.

As a cellular blanket, this baby blanket can help to keep baby warm in winter but cool in summer too and comes in a handy twin pack for great value.


  • Ethical and durable
  • Meets the quality standards
  • Neutral color choices
  • Wearable baby blanket in all weather
  • 100% pure organic cotton
  • Blankets for strollers


  • Frequent washing might damage the yarns

5. Snuggle Baby – Beautiful Fleece Material Design

This super fluffy fleecy baby blanket from Snuggle Baby is a great unisex choice and comes in a cute giraffe design. This baby blanket comes gift wrapped with a bow and tag, making it a good choice for a baby shower gift too.

This baby blanket is perfect for keeping your baby snug and warm whether in their cot or on the move in the pram.


  • Unisex and gorgeous fleece
  • Super soft and fully
  • Right color choice for baby
  • Perfect for both boys and girls
  • Ideal for general use


  • Not so good as stroller blankets

6. Carter’s Baby Girl’s Receiving Blankets – Soft & Breathable Cotton Blanket

This swaddling baby blanket is one of the quality blankets of the best-selling carter brand. With a variety of colors and a quality range of fabrics, this blanket is the favorite baby blanket for most customers. Regardless of multiple color options, this baby blanket is machine washable. Life becomes easier when you don’t need to wash the baby’s clothes and gears with your hands.


  • Trusted brand
  • Cute colors
  • Not so thick
  • Ideal size for swaddling, cuddling, and burping
  • Remains soft after frequent wash


  • Not a winter-friendly baby blanket
  • Perfect regular blanket for home-use only

7. Fox Baby Receiving Blanket Infant Unisex – 100% Secure Plush Polyester Fabric

This premium polyester baby blanket features a beautiful design that doesn’t fade away. The polyester baby blanket is soft, lightweight, comfortable, and also easy to control.

Obviously, this blanket creates a warm environment for the baby as it is made of plush fabric. Due to the gentle plush fabric construction, the blanket is cozy and breathable also.


  • Warranty against the color fading
  • Latest knitting craftworks
  • Wide-range of color
  • All-purpose blanket
  • All season application


  • Thinly made
  • Not for winter babies

8. NTBAY 3 Layer Baby Swaddle Blanket – 100% Premium Quality

This is three layers of pure muslin blanket which prevents all types of sensitive skin irritation. This blue blanket contains premium quality muslin fabric and delicate workmanship.

So, you’re gifted with a breathable swaddle blanket with softness, year-round comfort, and durability.


  • Soft and good for absorption
  • Unbeatable softness and warmth
  • Washable with cold water
  • Manufacturer’s return policy
  • Not so heavy


  • Low tolerance of the high temperature
  • Stitching might get loose

9. Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket Girl or Boy – with Plenty of Room

This double-layer baby blanket, with its unique design, is a perfect and thoughtful baby shower gift.

The baby blanket is decorated with the design of festivals, toys, flowers, and so on. Indeed, every expecting mom will become happy with the beautiful and organic design.

Not only just mother, but your growing baby also will become getting such an awesome baby blanket.


  • Multi-functional and Dries quickly
  • Thoughtful design
  • Premium and organic quality material
  • Suitable for versatile use
  • Guarantees full satisfaction


  • Too large, not for the newborn babies

Do You Need Baby Blankets?

Babies feel comfortable and warm with the baby blanket, but using it is not compulsory. You can keep the baby warm by putting breathable warm sleeping baby clothes on him.

The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t prefer to use soft baby blankets until the baby becomes 12 months. But, you can use the swaddle, sleep slack or bamboo-made blanket instead of the soft baby blanket.

Besides, keep the room temperature between 68-72 °F to keep the baby in a warm and comfortable environment.

When Do You Need Baby Blankets? 

According to the medical experts of the AAP, using soft bedding for babies isn’t completely safe.

The soft baby blanket might cause suffocation to the babies under 12-month old. Babies after 18-month can use any type of blanket unless it is made of rough material.

However, you can use the breathable blanket for newborns and babies under 12-months.

What Makes a Good Baby Blanket?

A baby blanket should meet various purposes of the baby to become a good and reliable blanket. It should cuddle babies like a mom’s loving embrace and warm baby to provide comfortable napping.

Moreover, it should be pretty like your baby and safe for his skin.

Why Trust Baby Shop Ireland?

Using the baby blanket is questionable material. But it is also true that raising a baby without the baby blanket is somehow difficult.

For instance, when hanging out with your baby, only warm baby clothes cannot comfort him. You must use baby blankets for him.

The sleeping babies also need the mother-like comfort, which they get from the baby blankets. So, you must wisely select the best baby blankets for toddlers from our above list.