Best Baby Carriers for Newborn Babies

A baby carrier is a great way to support your baby as you both head out to take part in activities or errands and can help to strengthen the bond between baby and wearer.

A convenient and comforting alternative to using a pram all the time, here are the top 5 best baby carriers.

Here are The Top 9 Baby Carriers in Ireland:

What to Look & Consider When Buying Baby Carriers?

Keeping the baby close to you is the primary motive of buying a baby carrier. Car seats and baby strolls also hold the babies safely but cannot provide the parent’s warmth.

Now, if you’re buying a baby carrier, you must look for several things in the baby carrier. As there are lots of baby gears with multiple features, undoubtedly, picking the right carrier is bothersome.

So, get this: the buying guides of the best baby carriers for your baby.

Price of the baby carriers

First off, make your budget and compare the prices among different baby carriers. Usually, the quality fabric costs more than the under-quality and non-quality fabric baby carriers.

Quality fabric refers to soft, comparatively lightweight, and well-structured materials. Do you want baby gear with quality and comfortable fabric material? Then don’t hesitate to compromise with the price of the baby gear.

Supports Both You and Your Baby

The well-padded wide straps support the baby most whilst he’s hanging on you. Shoulder straps and lumbar support also save your shoulders, neck, and back from the carrier’s strains.

So, make sure your baby carriers come with the wide padded strap and lumbar supports.

Nature of fabric material

If you buy the baby carries for your home or regular use, a wrap backpack will be your right choice. This is a soft-structured, comfortable, and easily removable daypack that’s quality carriers for the price.

Nevertheless, for the overall uses, buy a good and qualified infant carrier. You’ll get versatile baby carriers from lightweight to heavier within your budget.

Size of the gear

The size of the baby carrier is one of the confusing factors among most. Generally, the regular infant carrier size varies from 2 to 9; wherein the 2 size is for the newborn or smaller babies. Conversely, size 9 is for babies more than 2 years.

Versatility and adjustability

How long are you planning to use your baby carriers?

Babies from 0-2/3 months can use versatile baby carriers. Conversely, the adjustability provides the kid comfort in the baby carrier.

Therefore, choose a versatile and adjustable baby carrier if you want to use it for a long time.

Ease of cleaning

Babies make their gear messy and dirty soon. So, the baby carriers must have to be machine-washable and dryable quickly.

Carrying position

There are thousands of backpack options in the online marketplace that have different carrying positions. You’ll get the baby backpack both in front and rear-facing positions.

It depends on your decision which design you’ll choose! Typically, you can take care of your baby when lifting him to rear-facing positions.

But the babies feel most comfortable when he remains in front-facing positions.

However, newborn babies need the most care, particularly whilst breastfeeding them. A larger baby is okay with any positioning backpack carriers.

Ease of use

A well-structured baby carrier is comfortable and easy to use both for you and your baby.

Easy using refers to taking in and bringing out your baby from the carrier without any help. Some carriers are also providing the flexibility of taking your baby in your lap.


Nursing the babies into the baby carrier needs practice both for the mother and her baby. And the carriers must have the flexibility and adjustability to breastfeeding your kid.

Usually, the strips and wrap baby carriers are most suitable for breastfeeding. These provide the face-up position to the babies that makes his breastfeeding and nursing easier.

But, make sure the carrier doesn’t cover your baby’s face whilst breastfeeding him.

Weather appropriate

Amongst different types, you’ll find both the lightweight and heavy backpack for your little ones. But your living region also matters a lot whilst choosing the best backpack for your baby.

If there’s warm weather in your region, choose the lightweight fabric and lighter color backpack. Heavyweight makes the bag warm, and darker color holds the external heat.

Conversely, the lightweight fabric and light color resist the heat of the environment.

Our Top Pics of Baby Carrier in Ireland

1. BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini – Easy On and Off Front Facing Carrier

This easy to get on and off baby carrier from BabyBjorn is front-facing and features adjustable head support for your baby for extra comfort as you carry them.

The soft jersey material is available in a range of neutral colours and is comfortable and easy to wear.


  • Lightweight and easy to put on
  • Thick and easy to disinfect
  • Suitable carrier for dads and moms
  • Nice appearance and well-made


  • Expensive baby carrier
  • Unsuitable for too small babies

2. Gossipyboy Baby and Child Carrier – Great All Season Baby Carrier Choice

This baby carrier is great to use all year round and is made from breathable cotton material and has a detached front window for added comfort during the summer months too.

Able to grow with your baby, this baby carrier can be worn in a number of different ways and supports weights of up to 30kg. The anti hip slip design also supports your baby’s development too.


  • Smooth anti-energy cotton
  • Easy air circulation
  • Thick padded wide shoulder straps
  • Grows with you baby
  • Easily accessible for babies


  • Thinness
  • Wearing for long is a bit uncomfortable

3. Joy and Joe Baby Wrap Sling – Premium Baby Sling Carrier Design

This baby sling carrier can support your baby from birth up to weights of 16kg and comes with a matching hat and matching bag, so you can keep your baby cosy and pack the sling away easily when needed.

A sling baby carrier is also a great way to bond with your baby as you carry them with you too.


  • Holds baby in a natural position
  • Perfect choice for the newborn babies
  • Washable in the washing machine
  • Nice and soft fabric


  • Slightly stretchy
  • Difficult to get used to

4. Infantino Cuddle Up Carrier – Cute Bear-Themed Baby Carrier Design

This baby carrier comes in a cute and fun bear-themed design and is suitable to carry your baby as a newborn all the way through to a toddler, thanks to its adjustable waist and shoulder straps.

The bear hood can be removed if required and this baby carrier can carry your baby in a front-facing position as well as facing inwards too.


  • Adjustable strap and wide waist belt
  • Provides maximum comfort to parents
  • Convenient to use


  • Avoiding the manufacturer’s instruction may cause injury

5. Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Carrier – Includes a Bib for Added Clothes Protection

This 4-in-1 baby carrier is easily adjustable and is ergonomically designed to hold your baby close in a front and inward-facing position too.

The handy included bib means you can also easily protect your clothes too as you carry your baby. This fuzzy grey carrier is appealing and functional, offering a comfortable carrying experience for both you and your baby.


  • Convertible backpack
  • Easily adjustable belts
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Affordable, safe, and comfortable carrier


  • Soluble to water

6. Baby K’tan Cotton Heather Grey Baby Carrier – 5 position infant carrier choice

This 5-in one cotton-made healthy wrap is a quite large and stretch baby carrier. The unique designated baby carrier will hold your baby, distributing his weight evenly. As a consequence, your baby will be safe in your arms.

You can carry your babies and infants all day long with you taking them into the baby carrier. The cotton material won’t harm the soft skin of your little sweetheart.


  • Easy to breastfeeding
  • Safe and secure
  • Stretchable
  • Washer and dryer safe


  • Washing makes the kid carrier tight
  • Doesn’t support the child after 4-6 weeks

7. Baby K’tan Print Baby Wrap CarriersSafe and secure infant holder

This is a simply designated baby carrier suitable for the babies who always want to be held. Wearing the wrap carrier is so easy to use that you can carry your baby anytime.

Even you can take the carrier off without disturbing the sleeping baby due to the carrier’s ease of use.

This baby wrap carrier has flexibility in stretching that distributes the baby’s weight into it. However, this infant holder features breathable cotton materials that provide safety against the baby’s skin.


  • Unique double-loop design
  • Allows to carry the baby in 5 different positions
  • Simple pre-wrapped holder


  • Expensive than other brands
  • It comes with very small-returned

8. LÍLLÉbaby Complete Airflow carrier – Comfortable and Machinewashable

This is an ergonomic and comfortable baby carrier that enables your baby’s hassle-free insert. The carrier provides the baby an M-shaped position sit that consecutively grows with your baby.

Evenly distributing the baby’s weight, the airflow carrier relives the lower back pressure of the parents. With the 6 carrying option, this carrier also supports and comforts the babies into it.


  • Carrier front and rear-facing options
  • Machine washable
  • Versatile and flexible


  • A little bulkier
  • Gets warm easily

9. Viedouce Baby Carrier – Multi-positioning design with adjustable seat

This is a lightweight but solid baby carrier that lifts the baby up to 20kg without affecting bone development, thanks to the adjustable seat installation.

This baby carrier features breathable and quality cotton fabric, which provides freshness to your baby in hot weather and warmth in the cold.


  • Detachable to sun and wind
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • M-shaped adjustable and wide seat installation


  • Tightening the carrier makes the baby uncomfortable
  • Difficult to wear

Do You Need a Baby Carrier? 

Yes, the baby carrier is important for the pre-walking child as it connects them with their parent’s body. Indeed, the body warmth of biological parents comforts a baby more than anything in this world.

Moreover, this keeps the babies happy when they persist in lifting them. So, whilst doing household chores or making travel with a baby, you just need a baby carrier for travel.

When Do You Need a Baby Carrier? 

You can use the baby carrier when your baby can uphold heads on their own. Typically, a healthy baby can uphold his head on their own during 4 to 7 months.

Some baby carriers are also useful for newborn babies, although it’s not recommended to lift the babies with the carrier for a long time.

If you buy a backpack for your baby, buy the soft-structured carriers with comfortable fabric.

What makes a Good Baby Carrier?

A carrier must have some additional features to become a good carrier for the babies. Some of those features are:

  • It must have a comfortable space for the baby.
  • It must have sturdy and padded straps.
  • It must hold the babies firmly and securely.
  • It must have breathable and soft-structured fabric construction.

Why Trust Baby Shop Ireland?

A baby loves to stick with his parents instead of lying on the bed. But, holding a baby for a long time is difficult for anyone. That’s why you must choose a quality baby carrier that ensures comfortability to both you and your baby.

It’s somehow tricky to get the best carrier for babies among the different styles of carriers and backpacking packs.

In this article, we, “The baby shop Ireland” have enlisted the popular carriers for babies. Including the buying guides, hopefully, you can choose the best toddler carrier within your budget.