Best Baby Changing Bags for New Mums & Dads

When taking your baby on the move, it is important to be able to easily pack and transport all your essentials for them.

These include nappies, wipes, comforters and other items such as bottles and snacks as they get older.

A good changing bag should be lightweight and include plenty of pouches for easy storage of all your baby’s essentials. Here are the top 5 best baby changing bags.

Here Are The Top 9 Baby Changing Bags:

What to Look & Consider When Buying a Baby Changing Bag?

When going out of the home, you need a baby changing bag for carrying out the baby essentials. Although the large bags can carry the baby stuff, they cannot be beneficial and well-featured like a baby backpack.

That’s why you must have a baby diaper bag for your newborn baby until it grows up. But what to consider when buying a baby changing bag? Undoubtedly, there are a lot of things to consider, so let’s see what they are.

Comfortable to Use

A thick and padded shoulder strap makes the baby changing bag comfortable to carry. Usually, the baby changing bag may come with a shoulder bag or backpack.

If the shoulder strap isn’t well-padded, soon, your back pain will start to reveal. Who knows, how long you have to carry the backpack?

Plenty of space

When hanging out with the baby or going on an adventure, you must carry the bag, including the baby. If the bag doesn’t hold all the baby stuff, your hand will be unfree. As a consequence, you cannot hold the baby conveniently.

That’s why an ideal baby changing bag has to be spacious enough to carry lots of baby stuff.

Plenty of compartments and pockets

It becomes difficult to find the right baby stuff at the right time from the spacious changing bag. The problem will get solved when the bag includes plenty of storage, compartments, and pockets.

The separate compartments make the changing bag handy to find the baby stuff at the time of need. Hopefully, you know where you put the baby’s nappies and where the food is.

Adventurous Style – Shoulder Bag or Backpack?

If you’re fond of adventure, you can never leave nature hunting even if you have a baby. The babies also enjoy the natural environment during the adventure. But what types of bags do you need when tracking your baby?

Both the shoulder bag and backpack are easy to use when you go out with your baby. But, when it comes to adventure, you must choose the backpack as a baby changing bag.

The backpack makes both your hands-free so that you can carry your baby and ensure his security.

Insulated bottle holders

Typically, the insulated bottle pockets are placed on the outside of the baby changing bag. These bottle pockets hold the baby bottles to feed their babies in the middle of the road. You don’t look for the feeding bottle inside the bag.

Indeed, storing the feeding bottle inside the changing bag makes your crying baby wait.

However, not all the changing bags come with insulated pockets. So, make sure your changing bag includes these features to make your life easier.

Travel mat

A baby changing bag is almost worthless without a travel mat. A travel mat is essential to change your baby’s diapers and clothes anywhere during traveling.

Indeed, it is not possible to change the baby clothes every time in a public place.

Unisex design

Usually, the dad doesn’t like the flowery design of the moms. Instead, they prefer to use the stylish unisex designated baby changing bag for carrying their stuff.

Unisex design is also a mind-blowing choice for moms with dads. If you’re buying a baby changing bag for the simple hangout, you can choose the unisex design.


The baby changing bag gets messy quickly, as it is used for carrying the baby essentials. The dirty nappies, baby foods, vomiting, etcetera are the main causes for its getting dirty.

No matter why the bag gets dirty, it must be cleaned quickly and easily. A changing bag is easy to maintain when both its inside and outside can be cleaned easily.

For the deeper stain, the baby changing bag must have to be machine washable.


When buying a changing bag for your newborn baby, you must want to use it for a minimum of 2/3 years. So, get those baby bags that feature the high-time durability.

Our Top Pics of Baby Changing Bag in Ireland

1. Pomelo Best Store Baby Changing Bag – Exterior and Interior Pocket Design

This baby changing bag is a great choice for taking all your essentials for baby on the move, and has lots of both internal pockets as well as external pockets for easy access too.

The padded straps make this baby changing bay easy and comfortable to carry even when heavy, and it can also clip to your pram too for added convenience too.


  • Stylist unisex design
  • Not manly or womanly
  • Well-spacious
  • vFeatures Travel changing mat
  • Loads of pockets and compartments


  • Too large for short to medium travels

2. Eono by Amazon Changing Bag – Waterproof Stylish Changing Bag

This baby changing bag comes in a stylish grey design and is made from waterproof Oxford fabric for added durability.

The padded straps mean that this baby changing bag is comfortable to take with you on the move and includes 11 different compartments to store all your baby essentials on the go.


  • Waterproof pocket
  • Easy spot cleaning
  • Nice and adjustable shoulder strap
  • 11 different compartments
  • Tip-top design both inside and outside


  • The zip might be a little disturbing

3. Cosyland Nappy Changing Bag – Includes USB Charging Point for Added Functionality

This baby carrier is great for multiple functionalities and comes complete with 14 compartment pouches to organise all your baby essentials on the move.

This baby charger also comes complete with a USB charging port so you can charge your phone on the go too. This baby changing bag is easy to carry thanks to its padded straps but can also easily attach to a pram too.


  • Lightweight, durable and waterproof
  • Separate feeding bottle packet
  • Loads of little compartments
  • Practical, large, and capacious


  • Smaller than the needs
  • Less functional

4. Dikaslon Store Baby Changing Bag – Stylish and Elegant Fashionable Changing Bag Choice

This stylish and elegant baby changing mat has the look for a fashionable rucksack, and is made from lightweight and durable polyester fabric.

The dual zippers provide easy access to all pouches and this baby changing bag also includes a specialist pacifier dummy pod, plus a changing mat too.


  • Waterproof and handy changing mat
  • Quality fabric material
  • Trendy and stylish backpack
  • Soft, comfortable, and adjustable straps


  • Smells of chemicals
  • Storing things makes the bag bulky

5. Chic Vegan Leather Changing Bag – Perfect Vegan Baby Changing Bag Choice

This camel brown coloured baby changing bag is the perfect vegan choice, made in a sustainable way from vegan leather.

This baby changing bag includes 12 compartments to keep all your baby essentials close to hand on the go and this bag can also easily clip on to a pram too as well as be comfortable to carry as a rucksack as well.


  • Super roomy with additional zippered pockets
  • 2 insulated bottle holders
  • More luxurious and standard bag


  • No cons yet

6. Hafmall Changing Bag Backpack – Multi-functional waterproof travel bag

This waterproof backpack is absolutely safe and environment-friendly as it is made of high-quality fabric.

This backpack has lots of pockets, including tissue pockets, bottle pockets, exterior side pockets, and knife and fork pockets. So, it can be one of your best choices for travel.

However, wearing this backpack, your hand will be absolutely free to carry your baby.


  • Stylist neutral design
  • Carryable in multiple positions
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Good material and workmanship


  • The zipper is too long
  • Small for more than 1 baby

7. ComfyDegree Baby Changing Bag Backpack – Large capacity backpack diaper bags with USB port

This stylish baby changing bag is highly preferable for parents who always want to use their phones. The bag has a specially designed USB port for charging the battery of your phone.

Regardless, you can also take the laptop with you as the backpack has a padded laptop pocket. Needless to say, the nappy changing bag is spacious, generic, and easy to manage.


  • Not too big or bulky
  • Features with a milk bottle warmer
  • Useful attached hooks to the pram
  • Comfortable shoulder straps


  • Not waterproof
  • Not so fashionable

8. Viedouce Baby Diaper Bag Nappy Backpack – Waterproof maternity diaper bag backpack

This baby backpack is absolutely suitable as a maternity backpack with a large capacity. It has almost 14 pockets that make the bag enable to carry lots of baby stuff; simultaneously, you can also secure and find out the little things from the bag.

However, these baby diaper bags are waterproof, so don’t worry even if you splash the liquid onto them.


  • Thicker and wider stroller straps
  • Labor-saving nappy backpack
  • Resistant to stain
  • Gives a good and thoughtful impression


  • Comfortable but not very large
  • Difficult to operate with one hand

9. BabbleRoo Nappy Changing Back Pack – Premium material and craftsmanship nappy changing backpack

This tear-resistant waterproof baby bag makes the mom’s life very simple and easy. This backpack comes with a well-organized structure that includes the foldable changing pad, built-in buggy clips, and detachable pacifier case.

However, this nappy changing backpack has almost 18 sturdy pockets with easy glide zippers. Hence, you’ll find this backpack handy to use with one hand only.


  • Wipe-clean cushioned strap
  • Water and tear-resistant material
  • Adjustable and easy with one-hand operation


  • Uncomfortable for hiking
  • Excessive size for everyday use

Do You Need a Baby Changing Bag? 

The baby changing bag is necessary to keep all the baby accessories in place. A baby has more stuff than an adult. Without his necessary stuff, it becomes difficult for the parents to manage him.

Indeed, you can also keep some of those essentials in your pocket. But there is a good possibility of losing those essentials and cannot use them whenever it is needed.

So, it is important to have a baby changing bag, particularly when you’re going out of the home.

When Do You Need a Baby Changing Bag?

You can use the baby changing bag from the first month of his life. Whenever you take the baby out, you must carry lots of baby essentials. Indeed, you can’t carry the baby as well as his stuff all alone.

Conveniently, the baby changing bag allows you to carry all the baby stuff in his bag. As a consequence, you can manage both your baby and its essentials easily.

What makes a Good Baby Changing Bag?

A good baby changing mat comes with multiple pockets, durability, and easy cleanliness. Some ideal baby changing bags also come with a changing mat as a bonus.

Along all of these features, look for the light-colored inner lining into the changing bag. This feature doesn’t let the small baby essentials get lost in the black hole. You’ll easily find all your baby stuff according to your needs.

Why Trust Baby Shop Ireland?

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