Best Baby Cots & Cribs for Babies

Choosing a baby cot is one of the biggest decisions for most parents. A baby cot helps your baby to be safe and supported whilst getting a good night’s sleep.

Baby cots are suitable for your baby from birth up to a range of different ages and are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colours. Here are the top 5 best baby cots.

Here are the top 9 Baby Cots & Cribs for Your Babies:

What to Look & Consider When Buying a Baby Cot?

Babies have to spend a large portion of their time in the cribs from till he becomes 2/3. Even after 3, many babies feel secure to sleep in the baby cribs and baby cots. So, they need a comfortable crib to ensure healthy sleep.

Besides, safety also matters a lot!

Not all types of available cribs on the market maintain proper safety tips and comfortability. So, let’s get down and pick the best baby cots and cribs, including the following qualities.

Safety matters!

Babies are most beloved and dearest to us, so we must take the utmost safety for him. First off, ensure your chosen crib is totally safe for your beloved baby.

The crib shouldn’t nail, wear out, screws, or nail stick to it. Even the peeling and splintery of the paint also may scratch your baby’s skin. Hopefully, you know how harmful these materials are for your baby.

A dense and firm mattress

Choose a dense and firm mattress that fits the cribs or cot properly. Make sure the mattress doesn’t leave space within the cribs more than 2cm.

Besides, this foam shouldn’t flatten because of the baby’s weight. The flattened mattress hurts the soft bones of the baby. Place a double mattress for your baby crib if the mattresses aren’t firm and dense enough.

Height-adjustability of the base

Your baby won’t remain at the same height and weight like he is today. Gradually, he’ll grow up, so you must buy base adjustable baby cribs for long use.

The highest base level is okay for a newborn baby, but this is safe for them until the baby can’t sit or stand. Adjust the bass level according to the baby’s perfect height.

In the market, you’ll get both the two and three-position cribs and cot beds. Choose the suitable base position for your baby; nevertheless, a three-position cot bed is recommended for a baby’s grown-up age.

Width and distance of the crib slats or bars

The crib slats should be maximum of 2 3/8 in width, and each bar’s distance should be a minimum of 2.5cm. But make sure the distance doesn’t exceed more than 6.5cm.

Distance between the bars, more than 6.5cm might stick your baby’s head within the bars during play.

Drop-sided Function

Most parents choose the cribs with drop-sided rails due to the flexibility. Lifting the baby by bending down causes their back pain, and indeed, every parent wants to get rid of this problem.

The drop-sided rails reduce their back pain, eliminating the necessity of bending down for lifting babies. These rails are also very efficient options for shorter parents.

Height of the rails

The height of the rails should exceed more than 26 inches on both sides of the mattress. Otherwise, your baby will jump out of the curbs and cause harm to himself.


The crib’s sturdiness ensures your baby’s maximum safety, so maintaining the standard sturdiness is compulsory for your little sweethearts.

Often, the grown-up babies jump into the cribs whilst playing and shake the cribs. The baby gets afraid if the cribs start to wobble; sometimes, the cribs break down because of shaking.

So, can you imagine how dangerous a weak cot and crib are?

Teething rail

The babies try to chew everything when their new teeth start to grow. Teething rail resists the baby from chewing the crib’s wooden bars when he grows. It is a protective plastic layer over the rails of the cribs.

The teething rail doesn’t only protect the baby’s teeth but also his crib from damage.

Our Top Pics of Baby Cots & Cribs

1. Jacob Wooden Baby Cot – Large Covered Drawer for Added Storage

This baby cot has 3 different mattress positions so it can grow easily with your baby, and is made from pine wood and painted with non-toxic paints that are completely safe for your baby.

The large storage drawer compartment is also a great way to store items quickly and efficiently too.


  • Safe wooden barrier
  • Large covered drawer
  • Suitable from birth to 3 years
  • Large sleeping space


  • Suitable for the baby till only 3 years

2. Tutti Bambini Modena – Convertible from Cot to Bed

This baby cot from Tutti Bambini is a great option that will last the test of time.

Made from light brown oak, this cot can be used from birth all the way up to 6 years of age and comes with 2 protective teething rails.

This baby cot also has an adjustable base so you can raise the mattress to 3 different heights to suit your baby’s development.


  • Classic wood finish
  • Big-kid bed
  • Sturdy and amazing quality
  • Adjustable height positions


  • The paint finish should get improved
  • It doesn’t come with a mattress

3. MCC Grey Wooden Baby Cot – Includes Water Resistant Mattress

This grey wooden baby bed is made from pine and painted with non-toxic eco paint too. Featuring a height-adjustable base, this baby cot converts from a cot to a junior bed so can grow with your child.

This model also comes complete with a waterproof mattress too.


  • Protective teething rails
  • Height adjustable base positioning
  • Removable mattress cover
  • Extremely firm mattress


  • Thin mattress
  • Slightly difficult to adjust the mattress

4. Kinder Valley Sydney Cot – Easy to Assemble Baby Cot Option

This baby cot is easy to assemble and is made from high-quality pine wood.

The ergonomic sleek design would suit a range of different nurseries, and the drop-side functionality and teething rail make this cot safe and convenient too.

This baby cot can be used from birth all the way up to 3 years.


  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Three base height position
  • Easy to assemble


  • Need to buy a separate mattress
  • Wood is slightly rough

5. Tutti Bambini CoZee® Bedside Crib – Perfect Co-Sleeping Baby Cot Choice

This Babylo Snuggle Cuddle beside cot is the ideal co-sleeping option but can also be used as a stand-alone cot too.

The multi-functional positioning can help with congestion and are designed to be anti-reflux for a better night’s sleep. This baby cot also includes a thick and comfortable 5cm mattress too.


  • Thick, nice, and soft mattress
  • Multi-positioning adjustment
  • Safety straps ensure security
  • Budget Freindly


  • Complaints on some quality concern

6. Tutti Bambini Katie Cot Bed – Classic design and quality craftsmanship designated clot

This Tutti Bambini Katie is durable furniture and convertible into both in sofa and bed. Including three adjustable mattress positions, the furniture allows easy accessibility of the growing kids.

With the adjustable mattress, this contemporary cot ensures current safety standards until your baby becomes 4. Notwithstanding, the durable teething rails protect the delicate teeth and gums of your little ones.


  • Looks nice, and the stylist
  • Durable teething rails
  • Convertible in sofa and bed
  • White finish modern colors


  • The wooden drawer is difficult to move

7. Babymore Space Saver CotAll-around visible standard space saver cot

With the utmost comfortability and security, this super-compact cot can support your babies up to 6 months. This has removable and lockable wheels to move the baby cot without hassle. So, placing the cot anywhere according to your convenience according to your needs.

Babies into the cot are visible from all the sides so that you can keep an eye on your babies. Maintaining the British and European safety standards is super safe for your newborn baby.


  • Great space saver
  • Features desirable mobility
  • Teething rails avoid the baby’s teeth damages


  • Suitable for the babies for just 6 months

8. Babymore Eva Sleigh Cot Bed – Easy convertible junior clot bed

The cot bed is approved by European safety standards, featuring the unique drop side mechanism and solid pine wood. This toddler bed conversion is also possible as this is a convertible crib with an adjustable base position; hence, this clot can be used for 0-4 years old babies.

This modern nursery furniture has a protective teething rail and slat around the design. Indeed, this feature improves ventilation and provides your baby a safe sleep.


  • Enables baby’s smooth movement
  • European safety standard
  • Improved ventilation
  • Cool and comfortable support


  • Strong paint smell
  • Dropside isn’t so smooth

9. Rio Wooden Cot Bed & Cot Top Changer – 3 in 1 Convertible Baby Cot Bed

This affordable nursery furniture is perfect for babies from 0-6 years. This comes with 3 years of manufacturing guarantee assuring the quality.

Saving the space of your room, this bed is easily convertible to a stylist toddle bed. Besides cribs or cots, this convertible bed also can be used as cot beds. And the three-position adjustable bed allows quick and easy access of the babies into this cot bed.


  • Sturdy and easy to put together
  • Allows quick access and exist to babies
  • Lasts for longer


  • The mattress isn’t included

Do You Need Baby Cots? 

Maintaining modern safety standards, the baby cots, mini cribs, or mosses basket is compulsory for the babies. This provides your baby a comfortable and secure sleep surface. And a newborn baby has to sleep a large portion of the day.

Even when the babies grows-up, they need a separate and secure bed not so far from you. But make sure the beautiful baby gear is warm and maintains all the safety guidelines.

When Do You Need Baby Cots?

Usually, the newborn babies need a separate bed to ensure a noiseless and comfortable sleep till he becomes 2/3. After 3 years old, some babies also don’t like to sleep on a separate bed like older ones.

So, using the baby’s clot for 0 to 6 years is possible whilst the baby loves to sleep there. Notwithstanding, ensure to choose a baby crib or cot bed with adjustable mattress positions. The adjustability of the mattress secures the baby from falling out from the cribs when he grows up.

What Makes Baby Cots?

The baby cots are made of different types of standard, durable and fun colors of wood. Some of those woods are cherry, ash, mahogany, beech, maple, oak, etcetera.

But typical modern cribs are made of pine woods due to their softness. The baby cots must feature several rows to make them breathable, and the pine woods are easy to notch and make the rows.

Conversely, the cot mattresses are made of lightweight and durable polyurethane foam mattresses. This is popular for the less weight and softness.

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