Best Baby Gates for Stair Safety

Using a baby gate is important to ensure that babies and toddlers do not accidentally fall or injure themselves by falling downstairs.

Young children are naturally curious and want to explore their environment, and a baby gate is an easy way to ensure your home is still safe once your child starts to crawl and walk. Here are the top 5 best baby gates.

Here are The Top 9 Baby Bath in Ireland:

What to Look & Consider When Buying a Baby Gates?

As a parent, you must take maximum safety precautions when your babies start exploring themselves. A baby starts to explore himself when he starts to crawl. At this time, you must choose the best baby gate for the safety of the stairs of your baby.

But, what to look at and consider when buying the baby gates? This is a valuable question that comes from the concerned parents for ensuring their baby’s safety.

Types of gates

Based on safety’s acuteness, the safest baby gates are classified into two types: hardware-mounted gate, pressure-mounted gate.

Hardware-mounted baby gate

If you want to save your baby from falling from high stairs, buy the hardware-mounted gate. You have to drill the hole onto the wall to install the gates.

As a consequence, the gate will become a permanent safety solution for your beloved baby.

Pressure-mounted baby gate

Choose the pressure-mounted baby gate to avoid drilling on your beautiful wall. This creates a hindrance for the babies to pass from one place to another. But still, it is not a permanent solution like the hardware-mounted gates.

You can use this gate only when you want to create a barrier between two rooms.

Easy operation

Operation of the baby gates should be smooth for the parents but hard for the babies. The baby gate that comes with this feature is the ideal gate for the babies.

Distance between slats

The distance between the two slats should be checked before choosing a baby gate. According to the JPMA (Juvenile product manufacturing), the distance between two slats shouldn’t exceed 3inches.

The babies are very noisy, so they will try to get out of the gate. If the distance between two slats is more than 3 inches, the baby might get stuck on his head.

Sturdy construction

Usually, the branded baby gates come with sturdy construction. With the metal construction, some other brands also feature long-lasting and sturdy baby gates.

Before buying the baby gate, make sure it comes with a longtime warranty. The longtime warranty indicates the baby gate is sturdy and long-lasting.

Safety standard

The certified baby gates by the JPMA or ASTM are absolutely safe for your little sweetheart. The certification by any of these organizations means; the gate is made maintaining all the safety standards.


Some grown-up, curious babies try to get out of the gate by climbing on it. So, buy a high-end baby gate compared to the height of your growing baby. This won’t let the baby succeed in his effort of crossing the baby gate.

The standard height of a safe baby gate is 23 inches. That means you must get a baby gate that is taller than 23 inches.

Our Top Pics of Baby Gates in Ireland

1. Dreambaby Arizona Safety Gate – Easy to Install Extendable Choice

This baby gate is easy to fit and extends to a variety of different stair spaces from between 68-112cm.

This baby gate can also conveniently open and close in both directions and is made from high quality, durable material that is strong enough to keep babies and toddlers safe as they explore as well as pets too.


  • Adjustable extra-wide gates
  • Flexible placement
  • Sturdy construction
  • Affordable option


  • It’s a bit lightweight

2. Safety 1st SecureTech – Thin Shape to Easily Step Across

The Safety 1st baby gate is thin enough to easily step across so you do not have to worry about tripping over it as an adult. This baby gate fits most stair spaces easily and does not need drilling to install.

This baby gate will also stay open automatically if needed when children and pets are not around.


  • No drilling easy baby gate installation
  • Secure lock mechanism
  • Easy to vacuum clean
  • Easy to install and tighten up
  • Perfectly reasonable price


  • Stiff to use
  • Unusual locking features

3. Hauck Open N Stop – Double Safety Lock for Maximum Security

This baby gate from Hauck comes with an additional extension available to fit an array of doors and stair spaces.

The double childproof lock means this baby gate is one of the most secure on the market and the pressure fitting system means you can install this gate with no drilling or screwing.


  • Double childproof safety lock
  • Don’t need drilling or screwing
  • Expandable gate


  • Not so sturdy

4. Lindam Sure Shut Porte – Strong Steel for a Durable Gate

This Lindam Sure Shut Porte baby gate opens and closes in both directions for maximum ease of use, and is made from a strong steel material to make it one of the most sturdy and durable baby gates available.

This baby gate has a squeeze and lift handle so it is simple for adults to open.


  • Durable steel material
  • To easy Squeezing and lifting
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Pressure-fit gates


  • Difficult to open for an Average-sized person

5. Munchkin Maxi-Secure Pressure Fit – Includes Additional Second Lock at Base

This baby gate from Munchkin comes already assembled making it quick and easy to install, and also comes with an additional second lock at the base for extra peace of mind.

There are extensions available to make sure this gate fits your space perfectly, and this baby gate can be installed without any drilling or screwing.


  • Available extensions
  • Too strong
  • Pressure fit safety gate
  • Arrives fully assembled


  • Needs strength to open
  • Unsuitable as stair gates

6. YOOFOR Retractable Gate for Babies and Pets – Extra tall and extra-wide baby gate choice

This extra safety baby gate is a suitable choice for installing any place inside and outside of your home. Because of its adjustable size, this safety gate can be placed to your indoor, outdoor, star, door, hallways, and so on.

This safety gate is also popular for its smooth and trouble-free operation. With such Extra-wide baby gates, you can protect human babies and pet animals.


  • Unbeatable quality
  • Versatile and safe baby gate
  • Not only good-looking but also sturdy
  • Effortless installing


  • The ending clips aren’t sturdy
  • Needs to drill for installing

7. BabyDan Multidan metal baby gates – Fully adjustable metal safety baby gate

This baby gate is made of metal which supports the babies up to 24 months with safety. With the adjustable features, this baby gate is suitable to use varieties of wide spaces like an extra-wide door.

This gate’s locking mechanism works roughly at 90-degree angles, making the gate perfect for narrow openings.


  • Quick installation and easy removal
  • Well-reviewed locking mechanisms
  • Pretty strong and durable
  • Easy one-hand opening


  • Awkward to maneuver around

8. Momcozy Retractable Baby GateRelocatable mesh safety gate

This baby gate can handle both the babies and your little pets with a simple two-step mechanism. This has an auto-lock feature; moreover, the game-changer gate is adjustable to almost any door.

That’s why you can make any room of your home a play zone for your little babies. This baby gate is a secure option for babies from 6 months to 2 years up to 18 kg.


  • One-handed silent operation
  • A great choice for awkwardly angled stairways
  • Strong baby barrier
  • auto-close feature


  • Unsuitable for the top of the stair
  • Not so good for pet

9. Eilsorrn Retractable Stair Gate for Baby and PetsLarge wide retractable baby & pet gate

This baby gate can safely protect your baby from indoor and outdoor dangerous objects, particularly when you’re not around your baby.

The reason is its double safety lock that separates this baby gate from other plastic gates. However, this baby gate has an unbeatable modern and stylish look. So, don’t tense that the baby gate will worsen the look of your house.


  • Modern style of gate
  • High-end material
  • Decent height and size
  • Retractable baby gates
  • Does the job perfectly


  • The gate installation kit is good but doesn’t last long

Do You Need a Baby Gates? 

The baby gate makes an environment safe for the babies. In a house, there are thousands of dangers for a baby. As the babies don’t know what is good or bad, they can hurt themselves with those dangerous things.

Place a baby gate before your house’s risky place to prevent the unwanted accident of your baby. The best step would be to keep your baby in a safe room and lock the room with the baby gates.

When Do You Need Baby Gates? 

When the baby starts to crawl, you’ll need a baby gate. Usually, the baby starts to crawl when he becomes 6 or more than 6-months. Some babies make delays to start to develop their crawling skills after 6months.

So, it’s better to set up the baby gates when the baby becomes 6 or about to become 6 months old.

What Makes a Good Baby Gates?

Ensuring the highest safety, the baby gate that reduces your babies’ worries, is called the good baby gate. This creates a play zone within a specific and safe place in your house.

In other words, the good baby gates restrict your little babies from going into risky places like the kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Why Trust Baby Shop Ireland?

Babies are always attracted by the dangerous thing whenever he starts to discover himself. So, managing a crawling and walking baby is very difficult for the parents.

The baby gates create a barrier between you and the unwanted hazards of your house. This is how the baby gears actually work. You can choose one of the top baby gates from the list of “Baby shop Ireland” to ensure the safety of your baby.