Best Baby Hangers in Ireland

Babies need lots of clothes and accessories compared to adults, but managing their countless accessories is a hassle for some.

The parents always look for decorative tools to arrange the baby’s accessories; the baby hanger is one of those decorative tools which is used for decorating the baby’s clothes into the closet.

Moreover, the baby hangers are also an essential item for decorating the clothes in perfect shape.

When it comes to buying baby hangers, you must expect the best baby hangers in Ireland.

But like thousands of other items, it’ll be difficult for you to decide and buy the best baby hangers. 

Keep reading to buy suitable baby hangers at an affordable price!

What to Consider When Buying the Best Baby Hanger?

Baby’s clothes are very small and lightweight, so you cannot adjust them into the adult’s hangers. Like other baby gear, they also need separate hangers to arrange their clothes into the closet.

The baby hanger has some important factors before buying as you’re buying them for your little ones.

Baby’s Age and Hanger’s Size

Your baby’s age and hanger size are the first considerable essentials when buying the baby hanger. Newborns and little babies come in small sizes, so go with a 10″ hanger for them. 


With the shape of the hanger, you can assume what types of baby clothes are adjustable onto it. If you want a hanger for a baby jacket, get the contoured or curved hangers.

Conversely, when you’re about to hang light clothes like a T-shirt, you’ll need flat baby hangers.


For what purpose you’re buying the baby hanger makes a difference in buying the best baby hangers. For example, a well-padded or velvet hanger is good for soft clothes like lingerie, T-shirts, etc.

Conversely, you can go with almost any durable hanger when it comes to hanging the baby’s jackets and pants.


The heavier clothes need strong hangers that might be made of metal, wood, and so on. Conversely, you can keep lightweight clothes, like lingerie, t-shirts on the lightweight hangers.

Style and Design

When you’re buying a hanger for your closet, you’ll want to ensure it looks good in your closet. You’ll have tons of baby hangers with varieties of designs and styles to choose from.

For a better appearance in the closet, get the hangers with ergonomic style and design.

Folding or Clipping

Usually, the baby hangers come in two types – Folding and Clipping hangers.

The folding baby hangers save additional space in your closet as you can fold up while not using them.

Conversely, the clipping hangers are attached to the crossbar; consequently, the clipping hangers waste your closet space.

Material Types

The baby hangers might be made with wood, plastic, or velvet material. Each baby hanger has its respective advantages.

Wooden Hangers

Woods are bulky and durable materials that make strong hangers with plenty of space. The wood hangers are essential to hang the jeans, pants, coats, and jackets without tearing or scratching.

Plastic Hangers

The plastic hangers aren’t durable like the wooden hangers, and can still carry lightweight clothes. Just use the plastic hangers consciously as your carelessness might tear your cloth.

Velvet Hangers

Velvet hangers can carry clothes from 0-10 pounds, making them the right choice for lightweight baby clothes.

That’s why the velvet hangers are the perfect choice for weightless clothes like lingerie, T-shirts, ties, and so on.

Top Picks of The Best Baby Hangers in Ireland

Undoubtedly, when it comes to the baby clothes, there’ll also come the baby hangers.

Selecting the best baby hangers in Ireland is quite a tough task. But, with our expert’s up-to-date research and recommendation, we listed the top 10 baby hangers.

1. NORTHERN BROTHERS Baby Hangers 40 Pack

Maintaining solid and durable, the northern brother has produced these 40 pack tubular hangers for your nursery baby.

Despite plastic construction, these baby hangers are non-slip, quite strong, and durable also. As a consequence, there’s no possibility of tearing or scratching small accessories of your baby.

Instead, these top-notched baby hangers keep the baby accessories in place decoratively. Due to plastic materials, these baby clothes hangers’ kids are lightweight as expected.

Regardless of the baby’s gender, you can keep the NORTHERN BROTHERS baby hangers in your choice as they’re provided with unisex white color.


  • Sturdy, neat, and tidy hangers
  • Premium non slip design
  • Spacious storage for nursery baby garments
  • Small and lightweight but non-slip
  • Great value product


  • Slightly small for toddler clothes
  • They cannot carry the bulky clothes

What Makes the Baby Hanger Good?

Due to its durable structure, the tabular baby hanger doesn’t break easily. Instead, the baby hanger supports your little baby’s bulky clothes like jackets, coats, etc.

Moreover, the size of the tabular hanger satisfies the space of your nursery wardrobe and closet.

Why Do We Love It?

With durability, lightweight features, and sturdiness, the tabular baby hanger meets the needs of nursery baby clothes.

Frankly speaking, you can use these hangers regularly as they aren’t a hassle to carry.

Final Verdict

The baby hangers hold the clothes of the nursery baby till 18 months old. Some parents also have confirmed about using the baby hangers for their older babies more than 18 months.

But, unfortunately, these hangers are unsuitable for your toddlers who are more than one and half years old.

2. Sharpty Children’s Hangers Blue, 60 Pack

When you’re expecting baby hangers for standard everyday use, the Sharpty Children’s hangers might fit your needs.

Like the NORTHERN BROTHERS, the Sharpty children’s hangers are also made of plastic; nevertheless, they are hard-wearing and standard hangers, making them compatible for managing heavy-duty exceptionally.

Frankly speaking, it is the PP material construction that makes the baby hangers extremely sturdy and hard-wearing.

Surprisingly, the sturdy Sharpty baby hangers also support the adult’s garments, including costumes, wedding dresses, and everyday wearings with its head-wearing construction.

Make your closet good-looking and attractive by decorating plenty of small baby clothes.


  • Compatible for exceptional bulkiness
  • Excellent size for the small closet
  • Made of eco-friendly plastic materials
  • It makes life simple and easier


  • Not cost-effective

What Makes the Baby Hanger Good?

Whether your baby’s closet is bigger or smaller, these baby hangers adjust into it perfectly; additionally, the hangers keep the small clothes in great harmony so that you can adjust more clothes into the closet.

Get a better look at your baby closet after arranging the baby clothes with the Sharpty Children’s hangers.

Why Do We Love It?

The Sharply children’s hangers are made with eco-friendly plastic materials, which makes them sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. 

From the clothes of your little ones to your wedding dress, these plastic-made hangers support almost everything. Hence, we loved this baby hanger and kept this amongst one of our top choices.

Final Verdict

The eco-friendliness keeps the hangers on the top choice of the parents for their kids. From small babies to toddlers, the hard-wearing baby hangers provide stability to their garments.

3. ZOBER Charming Design Baby Wooden Hangers with Clips (10 Pack)

If you want elegant-looking playful baby hangers, you can buy the ZOBER baby hangers made with deluxe wood.

Unlike others, these ZOBER wooden hangers feature the 360 Swivel hook, which lets the hangers move on the hook in any direction.

Meanwhile, the turntable 360 Swivel allows accessing everything easily into your closet, whether it’s an adult’s or nursery closet.

However, the baby hanger provides a strong grip on the garments when you buy the hangers with clips. Even though you buy the hangers without clips; you can still manage the clothes as the wooden hangers are non-slip.

But, the thicker wood construction consumes lots of space in your baby closet; hence, you’ll need a spacious closet to adjust the baby hangers into it.


  • Adjusts plenty of clothes into small space
  • Charming and elegant design
  • Non-slip clips
  • Smooth and consistent color


  • Too pricey
  • Little flimsy clips

What Makes the Baby Hanger Good?

The ZOBER charming wood hanger enables two different options to choose from – with clip and without clip.

When you buy the hangers with clips, the hangers will become available to hang more clothes. Conversely, when you have a limited edition of baby garments, you can choose the hangers without clips at a low price.

Why Do We Love It?

The bulky items of the kids like trousers, jackets, school uniforms, almost everything fits nicely onto the hangers.

Frankly, the wooden hanger provides good stability to the heavier clothes whether you buy the clips or not. But, for adding more clothes into a small space, you might need to choose the hangers with clips.

Final Verdict

Unlike others, the ZOBER wood hangers are suitable for nursery baby clothes and toddlers. Although the clips are a bit flimsy, they still hold the bulky garments tightly.

4. Delta Children Infant and Toddler Hangers, 30 Pack

The Delta Children hangers organize the toddler garments into a single closet, featuring the ultra-slim size and design.

This compact and ultra-slim design makes the hangers convenient and tidy to organize the baby garments. Moreover, the infant hangers are extremely lightweight, so you can only hang the small garments on them.

Furthermore, the baby hangers are made of sturdy plastic, which supports the toddler garments.

Uniquely, the Delta Children 30 Pack hangers feature 4 different unique colors, making them real infant hangers.

The unique colors are extremely fun and vibrant, which enhances the eye-catchiness of your closet.


  • Convenient for thin and flimsy garments
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Ultra-slim hanger design
  • Resists the clothes slide smoothly
  • Available in various colors


  • Thinner plastic construction
  • A little bit flimsy compared to the expectation.

What Makes the Baby Hanger Good?

The baby hangers are provided with ultra-slim for saving the storage of your closet. Adjusting more clothes in a single closet becomes convenient as the hanger decorates lots of garments in a small place. 


The Delta children hangers come in 30 separate packs; consequently, you’ll not need to buy other hangers to decorate your newborn’s clothes.

Additionally, the vivid color will instantly cheer up a mother’s mood who’s organizing the cupboard.

Final Verdict

The Delta children and toddler hangers are great choices for newborns as newborns wear lightweight clothes.

In addition to this, you can also use these hangers for carrying lightweight garments for your toddlers. Moreover, the hangers are also suitable for versatile uses of your family members regardless of age.

5. ZOBER Premium Kids Velvet Hangers

With the contoured shoulders and luxurious look, the ZOBER black baby hangers are another sort of baby hanger of the ZOBER brands.

The contoured design makes the hangers convenient to preserve the clothing’s shape.  Conversely, the luxurious look enhances the external beauty of your closet and wardrobe.

However, the hangers also offer velvet grips that prevent the unsightly creases of garments. Consequently, you can organize the jeans, jackets, pants, shirts and even lightweight garments into the hangers.

One of the most recommended features of the baby hangers is their 360-degree swiveling hook to keep the hangers in any position.

You’re free to move the hanger’s hook to get adjusted into your baby cupboard or closet.


  • Cheaper and takes less space
  • Better quality than the expansive wooden hangers
  • Ultra-thin quality
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction


  • Sometimes stuck during swiveling

What Makes the Baby Hanger Good?

The plus point about the baby hangers, they’re actually bigger than the regular baby clothing hangers. Moreover, the hangers manage both the lightweight and heavier clothes quite perfectly due to their ultra-thin features.

Why Do We Love It?

Despite being 11inch long, the baby hangers save up to 50% room in your closet. So even though you have a crowded closet, you reduce the crowd organizing the garments with these hangers.

Final Verdict

If your closet is full of chaos, then you’ll need something that’ll keep the garments in place. Fortunately, the ZOBER premium kids velvet hangers aren’t only suitable for the kids and for the adult’s garments.

Therefore, organizing your wardrobe and closet will become easier when you select this 30 pack of ZOBER hangers.

6. Casafield 50 Velvet Kids Hangers

Perhaps, you have seen so many hangers within a single purchase after buying the Casafield Velvet kid’s hangers.

With these 50 packs of hangers, the Casafield Velvet hangers provide an instant makeover to your toddler closet.

However, the Casafield velvet hangers appear with 10 different colors to choose from. The availability of such a lot of options makes anyone crazy to buy the sets of Casafield baby hangers.

Despite velvet making, the hangers are adjustable to the small closet due to their ultra-thin profile. Organizing the baby clothes becomes easy in your personal closet when using these 50 Velvet kid’s hangers.

Nevertheless, due to velvet construction, these baby hangers easily become dirty and filthy over time. To clean the velvet hangers, you must wipe them after a specific period.


  • Maximizes the closet storage
  • Features the double-duty design
  • A vast number of color options
  • Never wears or tears the clothes


  • Accumulates the dirt and lint
  • Color stains the clothes sometimes

What Makes the Baby Hanger Good?

These baby hangers feature 14″ length, whereas toddlers and baby clothes easily fit into the 12″ hangers. Shortly, this feature makes the hanger capable of carrying on the adult’s clothes beside the toddler’s clothes.

If you use these 50 packs of Casafield baby hangers, you’ll never have to deal with slipping clothes onto the wired hangers.

Moreover, the double-duty design of the hanger allows for hanging both the pants and jackets of the users.

Why Do We Love It?

Unlike the plastic hangers, these velvet hangers come with a 360-degree swiveling capacity. The features ensure the hanger’s hook’s easy rotation.

The luckiest thing about the swiveling hanger is they never get rusted even though you aren’t using them for a long time.

Final Verdict

Quickly organizing the clothes is the primary motive of buying hangers. Including the double-duty design, the Casafield hangers fulfill your demands of organizing and streamlining the kid’s garments into the closet.

7. Sharpty Children’s Hangers Blue, 20 Pack

Sharpty children’s hanger 20 pack is another edition of the Sharpty brands.

Usually, Sharpty brings the products for newborns, and Sharpty children’s hangers are among those products.

Like other Sharpty hangers, this edition of Sharpty baby hangers is also hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Exceptionally, these hangers are heavy-duty baby accessories, so they can carry bulky clothes with their exceptional quality.

Frankly speaking, heavy-duty plastic with a smooth finish makes hangers perfect for organizing baby clothes without discoloring or damaging them.

However, there are straps on each hanger to hold the clothes tightly without slipping. Additionally, the dimension of the hangers is also compatible with adjusting into the toddler’s closet.


  • High impact hangers
  • It gives an easier look
  • Slim hangers with a smooth finish
  • Affordable and perfect for newborns


  • Too small for 7 to 10 years baby’s garments

What Makes the Baby Hanger Good?

Compared to the quality, the price of the Sharpty baby hanger is unbeatable. Although these baby hangers are specially designed for newborns, they can also hang the adult’s garments to some extent.

But make sure the garments are lightweight when you’re using these hangers for hanging adult garments.

Why Do We Love It?

With these baby hangers, you can organize your baby closet with great harmony for giving the closet an easier look.

Moreover, the slim construction with a smooth finish enables more space into your closet to adjust more clothes.

Final Verdict

Although, at first sight, the hangers might look large enough for the toddler, actually, they aren’t! You can use these hangers for the garments of your newborns to little older kids.

Nevertheless, they are extremely unrecommended for toddlers who can walk and run.

8. Hangorize Baby Hangers for Kids Clothes Pack of 20

Whether it comes to organizing the clothes in the closet or outdoors for drying, you’ll need a reliable baby hanger.

With the beautiful look and inviting features, the Hangorize baby hangers are the tools you must be looking for!

The Hangorize baby hangers are a practical solution for organizing and drying baby clothes although, they’re made of simple white plastic.

That’s because the high-quality plastic design makes the hanger highly impactful, durable, and long-lasting.

Unexceptionally, the white plastic design makes the hangers easy for your kids to pick the garments instead of slipping.

So, you don’t have to struggle to hang the lightweight garments on these plastic hangers. 

Luckily, these kid hangers come with the exceptional size to hang on the 18 months to 24 months kid’s garments perfectly.


  • Pretty good quality newborn stuff
  • Great quantity for the price
  • It fits old wooden closet rods
  • Compatible for both lightweight and heavy garments


  • Quality should be controlled
  • Unfit for too heavy garments

What Makes the Baby Hanger Good?

These plastic-made baby hangers are produced in the USA with a sleek, non-slip design. Moreover, these baby hangers can endure and beat everything that comes from your child due to plastic construction.

So, if you’re expecting super durable hangers to organize the kid garments, these Hangorize baby hangers can fulfill your expectations.

Why do we love it?

It is hard to find the practical and good-looking combination in the hangers. The Hangorize baby hangers feature a combination of both practical and good-look.

Furthermore, the lightweight baby hangers also combine the compact design for which they can carry all types of clothes, whether they’re lightweight and heavy.

Final Verdict

Keeping the baby closet tidy, clean, and organized is a big challenge for the parents, as your little baby has lots of essentials.

The Hangorize baby hangers offer you the opportunity to organize the baby closet tidily. They are a great fit for the clothes of 18-24-months old babies.

9. GoodtoU Kids and Baby Hangers 60 Pack

Some parents cannot overcome different color combinations, whether it’s a kid’s or an adult’s accessories. The GoodtoU kid hangers come in several colors; that’s exactly what you want!

At first sight, their color combination will attract your attention to the GoodtoU kid’s hangers.

Almost 60 packs of hangers are provided with the GoodtoU kid hanger set, and all of those hangers feature 6 different color combinations.

If you’re adjusting the baby hangers into the baby closet, ensure the baby closet size isn’t less than 1.2 inches.

That’s because the baby hangers come with 10.2” length and 6” height. The dimension of the hangers makes it compatible to hold the garments of 3 months to 6 months besides newborns.

As the hangers aren’t so large, it takes up a little space staying at the corner of the closet.


  • It doesn’t cause industrial chemicals or residual
  • It prevents the clothes easily slip-off
  • It doesn’t leave dust
  • Sturdy and terrific value for the price


  • The curved and downward angle
  • Not so large or durable

What Makes the Baby Hanger Good?

The design and durability make the kid’s clothes toddler juniors hangers a good choice for carrying heavy garments besides the lightweight garments.

Unbelievably, the hangers organize both the lightweight and heavy clothes tidily in place.

Why do we love it?

There’s no sharp edge into the baby hangers, so these hangers can’t snag or tear the baby garments. Furthermore, the junior hangers don’t leave the dust like velvet hangers after a while.

Final Verdict

Eventually, these GoodtoU kid hangers set is the right choice for both newborn and sitting baby’s garments; in fact, you can keep the clothes of the baby until he becomes 6 months old.

Just make sure you’re using these hangers appropriately and putting them into the closet of the right size.

10. Ilauke 60 Pack Non-Slip White Tubular Children’s Hangers

Fully white are always the standard color that brings an elegant look into your closet.

Now, let’s look forward to other features of the baby hangers.

First, come to the baby hanger’s construction. The Ilauke hangers are made of high-quality PP plastic materials.

PP plastic isn’t some sort of ordinary plastic material; instead, it’s so qualified that it makes our baby hangers durable, strong, and long-lasting.

At next, all the hangers come with a single unisex color, which makes them an excellent choice for both boy and girl babies.

However, these durable baby hangers feature double shoulder notches, which help hang lightweight accessories and clothes, like ties, lingerie, baby frog, etc.


  • Great size and design with great value
  • Hooks snap fair easily
  • Unisex colors
  • Saves the space into a closet
  • Suitable for your nursery baby


  • Needs to struggle for adjusting large garments
  • It might be a little big for newborns

What Makes the Baby Hanger Good?

You will perhaps get anything that is so understanding, like the Ilauke non-slip baby hangers. Due to the impactable materials and durability, these baby hangers can carry the garments from 1 to almost 10 pounds.

Furthermore, they come with a full package of hangers which includes almost 60 pieces. Consequently, the Ilauke brand hangers can be the best ever gift for your colleague who just became a parent.

Why Do We Love It?

These Ilauke baby hangers are provided with 5 pieces of free plastic straps. Needless to say, how effectively the baby hangers including these plastic straps save your cupboard storage during baby garments organizing.

Final Verdict

These easy-to-hang hangers are a perfect fit for the 1 to almost 3 years old baby garments. Get the Ilauke baby hangers if you want to fulfill your needs of quickly and perfectly organizing the garments into the closet.

The sum up!

When we purchase a product, we would like to use it as much as possible. If you also want to use your baby hanger for a long time, buy the best baby hangers in Ireland.

The long-lastingness and the dimension, material types, style, and design also make a hanger best for use.

Our best baby hangers are provided with all of these qualities; just pick up the most suitable ones maintaining your baby’s age and your requirement.