Best High Chairs For Feeding Your Baby

A baby chair is a great way for your child to sit safely and securely at the table whilst eating meals and feeling more part of the family.

Some chairs are designed specifically for feeding time, whilst others allow your baby to sit comfortably whilst doing other activities at the table too, such as painting and crafts.

Here are the top 9 baby chairs:

What to Look & Consider When Buying a Baby High Chairs?

When your babies can sit properly, build their habit of sitting on the high chairs. But a baby who is just learning to the seat cannot sit on anything. Sitting on the average high chair can be risky for him.

Notwithstanding ensuring the safety standards, you can buy a high chair for your toddler. Now, what are those features you must consider? Let’s see!

Lock for safety

Not all the baby chairs have caster wheels that can lock a baby on a chair. But the castor lock is important to keep the baby safe while they’re on the high chair.

So, don’t forget to check the quality of the lock. If the safety lock is weak, your baby will easily open it. And the consequences might go beyond your expectations.

Non-removable shoulder, crotch, and waist strap

The shoulder, waist, and crotch straps hold the baby’s body with the chair. If these straps are under quality or weak, the baby might come out from its position.

Therefore, the shoulder, crotch, and waist strap has to be strong so that your child cannot remove them.

Sturdy and robust baby high chairs

The babies move a lot and like to eat their food while playing. If the chair cracks or the buckles come when they’re moving, buying the chair will be a waste of money.

So make sure the high chair is sturdy and robust to hold a noisy baby.


The babies don’t like to sit on uncomfortable chairs. If you forcefully make him sit on an uncomfortable chair, he might become reluctant to eat.

Therefore, you must select a high chair with a well-shaped seat and comfortable soft padding.

Adjustable height

To feed the baby at the dining table with you, buy a chair with adjustable seat height. Indeed, this is a good way of teaching socialism to your baby from his babyhood.

Make sure you can adjust the chair with dining chairs at any position for better comfort.


Do you have a small home with lots of furniture and all? Then, a foldable baby high chair will be the suitable one for you.

Buy a foldable chair when you live in a small or limited spacious place. After using, you can fold the chair and keep it in a corner. This will somehow let you move freely in your small house.

Style and design

The high chairs for babies come in varieties of sizes, colors, and design features. Although it doesn’t affect the chair’s quality, consideration of the size is crucial according to the baby’s age.

If your baby is just learning to sit, a large chair won’t be suitable for him. Conversely, a smaller but beautiful chair will be inappropriate for your grown-up baby.

Similarly, the chair design and color, which is more eye-catchy, attracts the baby to use it. The dull colors are worthless to them.

So, get an eye-catchy bright colored chair like, yellow for your baby. And also, keep in mind the age of the baby while selecting a high chair for them.

Our Top Pics of Baby High Chairs in Ireland

1. Maxi-Cosi Minla Baby Highchair – Premium Baby High Chair Choice

This baby chair comes with 6 different seating positions for your child and has a footrest and a reclining position for added comfort for your baby.

The removable food tray is easy to wipe clean and can help this baby chair to transform easily from a high chair to a sitting baby chair too.


  • It looks modern and simple
  • Super easy to wipe and clean
  • Comfortable for the baby
  • Multiple-sitting position
  • User-friendly and portable


  • The safety belt and chair are big for a 6-month baby.

2. Red Kite Baby Feed Me Compact Chair – Great Compact Baby Chair Option

This baby chair from Red Kite is compact and easy to fold up and store away when not in use. The 5 point safety clip in harness means that your little one is secure and safe whilst sitting and eating.

The large feeding tray is simple and quick to clean and the chair is made from vinyl to be easily wiped clean too.


  • Soft padded design with a fun design
  • Lightweight but sturdy high chair
  • Plenty of room for the babies
  • Ease of cleaning


  • A little flimsy on the side
  • It takes some effort to fold
  • The cup holder doesn’t fit the normal cup

3. Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat – Fantastic Adjustable Baby Seat Chair

This adjustable baby seat chair is a great versatile option that attaches easily to any chair so your baby or toddler can join you at the table for mealtimes.

This baby seat is more portable than most so can be taken on the move, and the removable feeding tray is easy to clean and transforms this seat from a high chair to a sitting chair too.


  • Easy folding and unfolding
  • Super easy to transport
  • Sturdy and secure
  • Reasonable price


  • Get stained easily and looks grubby

4. IKEA Antilop Highchair – Basic and Simple Baby Chair Choice

This basic and simple baby chair is ergonomically designed to suit a number of different home décor options and the simple design also includes a raised edged feeding table so there is less mess during feeding time.

This baby chair is quick to clean and can be easily assembled or dissembled to store or take on the move as well.


  • Sturdy and easy to disassemble
  • Transportation is easy
  • Plenty of room for growth
  • A comfortable chair for the babies


  • Clips are a bit tricky to adjust
  • A bit pricey

5. Graco Snack N Stow Compact Baby Chair – 3 Positions Adjustable Tray Option

This lightweight and compact baby chair can be easily folded and stored away when needed.

The 3 tray height adjustment means this chair can grow with your child and the 2 position footrest also means added comfort for your baby as they sit and eat.

This baby chair is also easy to wipe down and keep hygienically clean too.


  • Trays easily come off
  • Stable and good quality design
  • The footpad provides additional comfort
  • It isn’t clumsy at all


  • The back could be adjustable
  • The center should be more adjustable

6. MyChild Pepper Folding Highchair – Comfortable and Simple Folding Highchair

This baby chair comprises a simple design but suitable for your baby who’s among 6month-3-year olds. Whilst the spacious tray prevents dropping food on the floor, the footrest provides amazing comfort instead of dangling your baby’s leg.

The pepper highchair is lightweight yet stable and foldable. So, you can transport the chair anywhere, even if you’re traveling out of the home with your baby.


  • Easily cleanable folding tray
  • The straps add safety
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Foldable chair for storage


  • It doesn’t support too small babies

7. Kinderkraft Highchair YUMMY – Multifunctional High Chair

This baby furniture is designed to ensure the five-point safety harness for Baby weight up to 15 kg. The chair is storable in a small corner of your room, and also it adapts to the children and fulfills their needs.

Seven different heights make the baby chair suitable to adjust with different-sized tables so that your baby can join for the meal with the whole family.


  • Meets five-point safety harness
  • Effortless to remove and clean
  • The padding system protects the baby legs


  • It doesn’t support too height a position

8. GALACTICA New 3in1 Baby High Chair – Compact Infant Feeding Chair

This multifunctional baby chair is a standard chair for growing babies from 3 to 36 months. The setting of three recline positions with the adjustable chair strap, the baby chair comforts, ensures baby’s security.

Both the removable trays and super soft cushion seat and backrest are super easy to wash. Using both the highchair and low chair is possible because of the baby chair’s versatility.


  • Sturdy and solid construction
  • Versatile reclining chair
  • Washable lenient cushioned seat and backrest


  • Seat cushion slides on the plastic seats

9. High Chair for Babies and Toddlers – 5-Point Harness and Adjustable Baby Chair

This green khaki color baby chair is designed for babies and toddlers from 6 months to up to 4 years. With the 5-point harness, the high chair provides your baby’s maximum safety and makes him relaxed.

This baby char came with a detachable leather seat and inserted a dishwasher-safe tray. The detachable leather seat is effortless to clean only by wiping, whilst the tray doesn’t affect dishwashing.

The attached detachable storage bag lets store the baby toys, towels, baby feeder, etcetera.


  • Durable materials ensure the baby safety
  • Easy to set
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Sturdy but lightweight


  • Little expensive

Do You Need a Baby High Chair? 

Yes, a baby high chair is necessary to feed the baby in a sitting position without hurting its tummy. Indeed, feeding the sitting baby prevents the food from stuck in his throat and chest.

The baby who takes the solid food tends to have digestion problems if he eats lying on the bed. 

When Do You Need a Baby High Chairs?

You’ll need a baby high chair when eating solid food like fruits, meat, and vegetables. Typically, a baby starts to take solid food when he becomes 6.

But you might need to depend on the chair even if your baby becomes 2,3, or more.

What Makes a Good Baby High Chair?

A baby highchair features padded seats, a washable seat cover, a toddler booster seat, safety straps, and a variety of functions.

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