Top Best baby pillow in Ireland Reviews | Ultimate Guide

Are you a first-time mother? If you’re seeking the most fabulous baby pillow in Ireland, you’ve come to the right place. Are you undecided on which one to purchase? This isn’t the first time you’ve felt this way. 

With so many variations available, choosing a baby pillow may be a difficult task. There are many types of pillows on the market, but not all of them can support your child’s head and neck properly. So, It is one of these crucial decisions is to pick out a perfect pillow for them. 

To make things easier, we’ve gathered some of the top-rated and most popular pillows on the market today and reviewed them for you! We’ve included several valuable tips to assist you in selecting the best option for your child. 

Let’s go ahead and get started!

What are the things you have to look at while buying a baby pillow?

You now have numerous pillow alternatives for your infant. Some parents might not know how to choose a perfect one for their babies’ health, comfort, and safety. If you are now in the same situation, here are some tips that can help you decide which pillow is best for your baby. 

The right size

You must choose the right size for your baby pillow so as not to pose a danger to your child. And, also make sure before buying a pillow, check if your kid can properly turn and move on it without getting stuck or suffocated in between the gaps of the pillow.


One should also consider the age of their child before buying a pillow. It is important to buy the right size for your kid’s age. For example, if you buy an adult-sized pillow for a baby, it can elevate the risk of suffocation or entrapment that may lead to serious injuries or even death.


When choosing a perfect pillow, it is equally important to check the material used in its making. The material used should be comfortable and soft for your baby’s skin. It should also be hypoallergenic so that if your child develops skin problems or allergies because of the pillow, you can take appropriate action at an early stage only.

Shape and Size of the Pillow

There should be a perfect match to the shape and size of your baby pillow. Kids grow fast, so it should not be a problem if a small or a smaller pillow does not fit them perfectly, as long as they get all the comfort and support from it. The big-sized pillows can pose a serious risk to your kid, especially while trying to adjust to them.


If you have bought an expensive pillow, you must buy one with proper care instructions to keep it clean and hygienic always. It should be machine washable or at least hand-washable so that you can easily wash it whenever needed.

Safety of the Pillow

It is important that while choosing a perfect pillow for your kid, you check if there are any choking hazards present in it by lifting all its corners and sides. If there are any accessories like buttons or tiny stuffed animals attached to the pillow, then they can remove before you let your baby use it.

Price of the Pillow 

There are different price ranges available for baby pillows. Thus, it is necessary to check out budget-friendly options so that you can keep up with the good quality and features that suit your kid’s needs and requirements best.

Brand Name

While choosing a perfect pillow for your child, you can check out options available under trusted brand names like California Baby, etc. This way, you get to pick up the best products that are safe and help your kid get comfortable to sleep.


Some baby pillows come with soft cotton or plush covers that are gentle against your infant’s skin. Other fabrics can be rough on tender baby skin, so this is something to keep in mind when purchasing one for your child.

1. ClevaMama ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow

Size: 1 Count (Pack of 1)| Fill material: Cotton| Fabric Type: 100% Cotton |Brand: Clevamama| Suitable for: 12 month+

Your child can sleep tight on this Clevamama baby pillow. It’s more well-known and reliable for providing comfort to kids. Take a peek at the most superior product’s characteristics!

Key features

· QUALITY MATERIAL- The Toddler Pillow, produced with ClevaFoam® technology, aids in head and neck posture pillow reduces strain on your baby’s head by 50%.

· ALLERGEN-FREE & BREATHABLE – The pillow is hypersensitive, ventilated, portable, pH balanced, and toxin-free, making it ideal for children with allergies and asthma.· MACHINE WASHABLE & REMOVAL COVER – The soft, easily-removable outer cover features a reversed zip that protects your child’s face and fingers.

What makes the pillow good?

This pillow offers a few essential features that set it apart from the others.

· Reliable company

The ClevaMama pillow is an essential part of any intelligent parent’s arsenal. The company has spent years perfecting its pillows, which are designed to provide comfort and help make your little one feel more secure in his or her new world.

· Elegant Toddler Pillow

With its ergonomic design and perfect size, this toddler pillow is the best for cot beds. It can help your child sleep in their bed more comfortably with minor fussing around! Additionally, it maintains their head and spine in a suitable position and delivers improved comfort to their body and neck. 

Why do we love it?

We love this pillow because it’s a great way to keep your little one safe. Customers say their babies sleep tight on the pillow, and they feel well-rested in general, with no signs of morning sickness or discomfort from other pillows that irritate the skin. 


● Exceptionally long-lasting and airy

● The cover is machine washable and detachable.

● Eco-friendly

● Clevafoam aids in the prevention of Flat Head Syndrome.

● Decrease neck and head pressure

● Extraordinary support and comfort


● The foam can’t be fluffed, and doing so could result in an incision.

2. Luchild Pillow Baby Nest for Newborn

Size: 1 Count (Pack of 1)| Fill material: Cotton| Fabric Type: 100% Cotton |Brand: Luchild |Suitable for: 0 – 3 years 

The nest will help your baby sleep well. It’s recognized for delivering secure and peaceful sleep. Look at the characteristics.

Key features

· SAFE & COMFY: Hypoallergenic, airy, and non-toxic infant nest. This baby set comes of 100% cotton fabric with a hypoallergenic inner filling. 

· MULTIFUNCTIONAL & PORTABLE: The infant nest may be used as a bassinet, baby lounger pillow, travel bed, newborn cushion, changing station, or moved about the home for lounging or tummy time.

· DOUBLE SIDED: Two straps adjust the size, and the color combination is two-sided.· Safe Sleep: Provide a secure, comfortable, and relaxing environment for newborns. Babies may rest, play, and lounge without the distraction of buckles or bells and whistles.

What makes the pillow good?

This pillow has certain important features that set it apart from other types.

· Trustable products

Parents trust the company because it always cares about babies’ comfort while making products. Their cotton fabric is safe for a baby’s sensitive skin and made of breathable materials, so your little one will feel comfortable in any environment!

· Safe & comfortable

The innovative design of the product allows babies to sleep without any distractions. The soothing atmosphere is perfect for naps, playtime, and lounging around with mommy or daddy!

Why do we love it?

This soft sleeping cover is the ideal method to keep your kid safe and happy all night. Customer reviews have proved it extremely popular among parents who say their babies sleep tight on it, which shows that the material used here is 100% safe for them!


● Detachable and machine washable cover.

● Supple padding on both sides

● Backrest with padding


● Compared to the sleepyhead, it may be too large for some newborns

3. Baby Pillow for Newborn

Weight: 4.8 Ounce| Fill material:Sponge| Fabric Type: Mesh & Organic Cotton|Brand: W WelLifes | The baby pillow for newborn is a must-have for any new parents. Not only does it help hold and support the infant head baby pillow, but it also keeps them in the right position so they can sleep comfortably with little risk of flatheads! Check out all these awesome features.

Key features

· QUALITY MATERIAL- This pillow and fabric cover are durably destined to last. Made with Organic Cotton Fabric Textiles and it has the GOTS certification.

· BREATHABLE SEQUENTIAL- The 3D-Air Mesh fabrication is the perfect way to stay cool in summer and warm during winter.

· HYPOALLERGENIC- The pillow is ideal for children with allergies and asthma. It is completely hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice!

· 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE- Amazon offers a risk-free guarantee on it. If you do not like this purchase, simply return it for a refund.

What makes the pillow good?

This pillow has a few key characteristics that distinguish it from others.

· Prevents the flathead syndrome

The pillow can help prevent flat-head syndrome by encouraging natural round growth of your baby’s head. The Pediatricians are designed with evenly distributed pressure, which helps develop proper shape for an attractive face!

· Gentle and Convenient for baby

The pillow is soft and convenient. It delivers you just the right amount of comfort to keep your infant’s head in proper alignment while still giving them that gentle, supportive positioning they need for better quality sleep!

Why do we love it?

The new pillow is here to solve plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome. The soft and supple pillow provides great support for your infant’s head while still giving them comfort, so they stay comfortable all night long!


● 3D Air net fabric for good ventilation

● Sponge-filled cotton for increased durability

● GOTS-certified pure cotton fabric

● 100% hypoallergenic fabric for sensitive skin 

● 100% risk-free and refund guarantee 


● Cheap design 

4. Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase

Size: 2 piece set | Fill material: Soft microfiber | Fabric Type: 100% Cotton|Brand: Keababies | Weight: 249g

Your child will sleep soundly on this pillow. They know the importance of your little one feeling safe and secure, which is why it’s such a popular product with kids for providing comfort! Just take a look at some features.

Key features

· QUALITY MATERIAL: The pillowcases are 100% natural cotton, safe for kids and toddlers. It’s ultra-soft to the touch with breathable material in all seasons.

· EXECUTIVE DESIGNED- This item was ergonomically developed and tested on children to provide the finest spinal support possible without sacrificing comfort.

· WASHABLE & DURABLE-The Pillows are the perfect solution for parents who know that mess always happens with kids around. They come in both a pillowcase and shell, so your toddler’s clean, fresh-smelling bedtime pal is never too dirty or stained from spilled milk!

· PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION– Perfect for traveling and napping, this pillow will keep your toddler safe while on the go, with a pillow to make them feel more secure when sleeping or resting in unfamiliar territory.

What makes the pillow good?

In several ways, this pillow is unlike any other.

· Quality Sleep For Brain Development

Sleep promotes brain growth and makes your youngster less cranky. The perfect way to make sure your child feels safe and sound all night long, the pillow is an adorable lovey!

· All-In-One Companion for Everywhere

The Toddler Pillow is the perfect way to keep your little one happy while traveling. The pillowcase fits perfectly at 13 “x18”, making it easy for parents on the go or just staying in hotels without much space!

Why do we love it?

The toddler pillow is carefully designed to provide your little one with the best cervical spine development. Their head’s safety, comfort, and security are paramount for all children as it aids in physical growth while also maintaining mental acuity! 


● Ultra-soft pillowcase for better safety

● Oeko-TEX Standard 100 Approved Clothing

● Machine washable pillow and pillowcase

● Ball Fiber Filling That’s Plush and Soft


● Thick & small

5. Hide text Baby Pillow

Size: Standard (Pack of 1) | Fill material: Memory Foam | Fabric Type: Cotton | Brand: Hidetex | suitable for: 0 to 12 month

The pediatrician said that babies should always sleep on their backs. This pillow will help you and your little one stay healthy, as it prevents both flat head syndrome and plagiocephaly!

Key features

· VISCOELASTIC MEMORY FOAM: This pillow is constructed of viscoelastic memory foam that has conducted significant laboratory testing to ensure that it conforms properly to your baby’s head.

· SEQUENTIAL WEATHER RESISTANT: The 3D-air mesh structure keeps cold air cool in the summertime and warm air during the winter. As a result, your baby can be able to sleep soundly.

· PROTECT FLAT HEAD SYNDROME: The convex center in the core helps to keep your baby’s head straight. The pressure on the baby’s head may be spread uniformly, the baby’s neck is protected, and a proper head form is formed.

· SOFT AND COMFORTABLE TO USE – The Baby Pillow is constructed of 100% pure cotton fabric that is soft to the touch to hold. It is easily washable.

· UNIQUE DESIGN FOR BABY – Unique design for baby: Hidetex Baby Pillow has a unique design that will help you keep your child comfortable and healthy while sleeping! 

· RETURN GUARANTEE – If you are not satisfied with it, just return it for a cash refund.

What makes the pillow good?

This pillow is unique in a few ways.

· Premium Memory Foam

This product’s ergonomic shape and inclination maintain your baby’s spine in optimum posture. With its unique design, it also relieves pressure points on sensitive skin that may irritate some babies due to their very young age.

· Specifically Aimed At Preventing Plagiocephaly

This is the perfect flat head baby pillow for your little one to prevent flat head syndrome and plagiocephaly. The viscoelastic foam is great at distributing the pressure, ensuring that you don’t end up with a sore spot on top of their heads!

Why do we love it?

We love it because it is the perfect pillow for your little one to prevent flat head syndrome and plagiocephaly. Besides this, it gives your baby pretty comfort while helping them sleep soundly!


● There is a high level of comfort available

● Small but effective size

● Proper ventilation and circulation protect this pillow from acquiring a musty odor


● There’ve been complaints about this pillow’s washability

● Allergic responses have been linked to hair loss

6. Prince Baby Lionheart Replacement baby Pillow

Size: 1 count| Fill material: | Fabric Type: | Brand: Prince Lionheart| Weight: 20 g

The Ever-Fresh System is designed to keep your baby’s skin feeling fresh, soft, and well-rested. It keeps them safe while giving you peace of mind that they are getting their much-needed sleep time in! Check out all these awesome features.

Key features

· ANTI-MICROBIAL- To avoid mold formation, the replacement baby pillow is constructed of a baby-safe fabric with an EPA-approved anti-microbial.

· QUALITY MATERIAL- The pillow is made of a micropore that collects and emits moisture to keep the pillow refreshing.

· GUARANTY OF JUICINESS – The micropore pillow keeps the wipes moist and prevents discoloration.

· NO BRAISING GUARANTEE- The replaceable pillow will not brown and dry out washes.

What makes the pillow good?

This pillow is one-of-a-kind in several ways.

· High-quality material

Made of 100% natural unbleached cotton with a built-in moisture barrier keeps the wipes fresh, moist, and clean. And also, it helps keep your baby’s sensitive skin healthy and soft.

· Utilizing System

The wiping warmer is the most effective strategy to keep your baby clean. They’re designed for use with Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmers and Rinse, so every time you refill them (replace every three months), they’ll be ready in an instant!

Why do we love it?

The new pillow is designed to keep baby wipes fresh, clean, and dry. It prevents most colors from changing when heated up, so you know they are always safe for use! Each replacement keeps you safe with three months’ worth of freshest baby wipes for your convenience!


● Micro-porous pillow absorbs and keeps fresh

● EPA-approved microbial prevent mold

● Reusable after wipe refill

● No browning Guarantee 


● Expensive and burn easily

7. Babymoov Lovenest Plus Baby Pillow

Size: Pack of 1 | Fill material: Fabric | Fabric Type: Cotton | Brand: Babymoov| Weight: 0.57 Pounds

Your child will feel safe and protected when they sleep on this pillow. The soft, breathable fabric helps to ensure that their head is at ease while you’re away from home or work for hours every day! Just take a look at some features.

Key features

· HELPS STOP PLAGIOCEPHALY – Its unique design uniformly distributes pressure across the skull, assisting in the development of a healthy head shape in newborns. It is appropriate for children of all ages, especially newborns.

· KID SAFETY CERTIFICATIONS – It is an exclusive and unique item that has been tested and approved to fulfill American and European newborn safety requirements by performing tests.

· COOL MAX TECHNOLOGY: The cool Max fabric in the front, where the baby’s headrests, controls the heat for ultimate comfort. The love nest+ is always secure due to the anti-slip material on the back.

· ALL BABY GEAR IS Versatile AND EASY TO USE – You can take it everywhere you go with your baby: in the car seat or stroller, at home on the sofa or bed… It’s so light that you can even clip it onto your belt!

· EASY TO USE– It is machine washable at 30°C / 86°F without losing its shape and softness

What makes the pillow good?

This pillow is unique in several ways.

· Preventing flathead

Padded head and neck support without limiting the baby’s movement

· Antibacterial and thermoregulation

The Coolmax fabric keeps the infant cool. It ensures the highest quality and safety for your baby. Independent labs certify that all Babymoov products meet American and European baby safety requirements.

Why do we love it?

Many parents know the struggle of having flathead syndrome. Flat Heads can be common in young children, and the product is created to help prevent them from happening early on! And it gives babies a proper comfortable sleep.


● Develop proper baby’s head shape.

● CoolMax maintains a comfortable temperature.

● Easily transportable

● Cleaning is simple


● Tiny & smell bad.

8. Toddler Pillows with Pillow Cases by Sleep

Size: Pack of 1 | Fill material: Microfiber | Fabric Type: Cotton | Brand: Sleep

The moment you return from a day away, your baby will feel safe and secure as they sleep on the pillow. The breathable fabric helps to ensure that their head is at ease while you’re gone for hours every single night! Here are some of the highest points.

Key features

· CHIROPRACTOR RECOMMENDED – Chiropractors recommend the Sleep Baby Pillow as a safe alternative to conventional pillows for babies. It provides proper support for your child’s neck and head while sleeping on their back or side. It helps reduce the risk of flat spots on their head caused by improper positioning during sleep.

· ULTRA SOFT – These organic cotton toddler bedding baby pillows give the baby a more comfortable feel because of soft cotton and siliconized microfiber. 

· MACHINE WASHABLE- The toddler pillows come in a set of two, with pillowcases included! They’re made from 100% polyester and filled with hypoallergenic fiberfill.

What makes the pillow good?

This pillow has a few essential features that set it apart from others.

· Gives extra comfort 

Sleep gives a comfy, secure cushion to lay their head on whether your baby is transferring from crib to bed or just needs new bedding.

· Maximum Safety

Safe and gentle for baby’s skin with the right amount of fluff, head & neck support for babies

Why do we love it?

The pillow is very soft and comfortable, ensuring maximum safety for your baby. The price will keep you budget savvy with its affordable pillowcase that’s sure to please any infant or toddler!


● 100% cotton

● Ultra-soft

● Machine washable 

● Reuseable 


● Low machine washability

9. Memory Foam Pillow for Baby by Ashtonbee

Size: 1 Count (Pack of 1) | Fill material: Memory Foam | Fabric Type: Cotton | Brand: Ashtonbee| Weight: 5.6 ounces

When it comes to new parenthood, the baby pillow is a must! It can help your little one sleep better, and with this newborn pillow, you may use all these awesome features to ensure that he or she does!

Key features

· HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS- The newborn pillow is composed of high-quality memory foam. It’s also made of 100% natural and breathable cotton, soft and gentle enough for a baby’s delicate skin.

· PREVENTING THE FLATHEAD SYNDROME- The Ashtonbee baby pillow assists your baby’s head is growing naturally round and may help avoid flat head syndrome.

· PROMOTES PERFECT SLEEP POSITION FOR BABIES- The pillow helps keep babies safe that prevents flat spots and overheating. It also keeps their airways open so they can breathe freely and comfortably throughout the night.· MULTIPURPOSE USE- The baby pillow can be used in multiple ways, including a nursing pillow, tummy time support, or even a play mat when it’s not used for sleeping.

What makes the pillow good?

In a few ways, this pillow is unlike any other.

Take care of babies’ comforts.

The infant head pillow is made of a soft and pliable material. It gives a lot of comfort while also providing the necessary support to maintain your baby’s head in the right place.

Safe & Comfortable 

It helps decrease the risk of flat head baby pillow syndrome (plagiocephaly) by supporting a healthy alignment of the skull. It is made of high-quality, durable, and pleasant materials.

Why do we love it?

This pillow provides your baby with a soft and supportive setting for optimum sleep quality. The baby pillow from Ashtonbee encourages your baby’s head to grow naturally round and may help avoid flat head syndrome. It’s also wrapped in a soft, breathable baby pillow with cotton fabric that’s safe for a baby’s delicate skin.


● 100% soft & comfortable

● Breathable cotton

● 100% natural memory foam 

● Avoid Flat Head Syndrome

● Easy to wash


● Small size

Final thought

If you’re looking for a baby pillow that can provide your child with the best sleep, then this is the guide to follow. Find out which of these pillows are best for infants and toddlers by reading our reviews! 

The right type of pillow will help them get more restful sleep- not only does it make their life better but yours too. Hopefully, this buying guide has helped you find the perfect pillow for your baby. Thank you for reading!