Best Baby Play Mats, Playpens & Activity Mats

Helping your baby to learn through play is an important part of their development, and a baby play mat is a great way for them to explore and learn.

Available in a range of styles, colors, and designs, baby play mats also have a host of extra features too, such as special cushioning for extra baby comfort, plus musical buttons and added toy features to stimulate their imagination too.

Here Are The 9 Best Baby Play Mats

What to Look & consider When Buying Play Mats? 

The babies with developing eyes and hands don’t like to stay in the same position. Even if it is their mom’s arm, holding at the same position makes them bored. Consequently, they start to cry and bore their parents.

Babies are the most sensitive asset to their parents. So buying an average Playmat will be the wrong decision for your little sweetheart. Be conscious of selecting the quality Playmat and ensuring the following features in your toddler Playmat.

Safety, safety, and safety

Choosing the harmless product for kids is mandatory as the babies have soft and sensitive skin. The non-toxic standard material makes the safest playmat for the babies.

Avoid purchasing the low-cost PVC foam play mat that is full of heavy toxic. Consider the EVA contained foam playmat instead that has lower toxicity and is safe for the babies.


The non-toxic thin playmat isn’t totally safe for the babies, and also, it doesn’t comfort the babies. The investment on a playmat becomes meaningless when your baby doesn’t love it.

Therefore, buy a thick and non-toxic to provide comfortability to your baby. Thickness is also compulsory to make his tummy secure and relaxed. Indeed, the tummy is the

Size matters

The playmat size and shapes are also crucial factors to facilitate the maximum comfortability of a child. A playmate’s ideal size and shape vary based on the length of your baby.

So, apply the idea of your baby size to buy the standard-sized gym mat for him.

Attractive toys are a must!

Barely, the comfortable gym mat cannot hold the baby’s attention and make him play on it. The attractive toys can divert their attention and encourage them to play on their own.

The babies complete their physical exercise and slowly learn to sit whilst they’re playing with toys.

Some play mat also comes with light music, educative and colorful toys. Enhancement of the baby’s mental and physical growth becomes faster playing with those toys.

Washable or not!

The babies make their playmate dirty by dropping food or doing potty. So, these playmates need to wash frequently. Not all the playmat fabric is machine washable; in fact, some fabric starts to get damaged after washing.

Some playmat fabric takes a long time to dry and reuse. These mats aren’t easily washable. So, buy a removable cover playmat and also make sure the mat is machine washable.


Nearly all the playmat comes at a reasonable price, so hardly a company gives a warranty for it. Still, some companies and shops allow an exchange and return policy of 5 days.

Besides, the companies also allow 15 days to 1 month’s warranty against the defects and workmanship.

Our Top Pics of Baby Play Mat in Ireland

1. Bright Starts 5-in-1 – Multi-Function Baby Play Mat

This fun and delightful jungle design play mat is great for babies and toddlers too. Featuring an adjustable side, you can make this play mat an enclosed ball pit as well as a flat play mat too.

This playmat also includes a mirror, baby-safe toys, balls, and musical functions too in order to amuse your baby and help them to grow and learn as they play.


  • Accumulation of engaging play items
  • Machine washable mat
  • Energetic and up heating music
  • Suitable for crawling and sitting babies


  • Unsuitable for only lying babies

2. Fisher-Price DFP08 Rainforest Gym – Best Play Mat for Younger Babies

This baby play mat is ideal for newborns and younger babies and includes 10 sensory baby toys to help them learn and develop in this cute and stylish rainforest-designed baby play mat and gym.

This playmat also comes with a selection of lights to grab baby’s attention as well as a removable music feature too.


  • 10 baby development toys
  • Easy to wipe and clean
  • Deluxe newborn baby gyms mat
  • Music and lights for short playing


  • Not so robust
  • Not very large and thick

3. Nuby Penguin Baby Play Gym – Perfect Padded Newborn Choice

This soft and comfortable baby play mat can easily support your baby as they learn and play.

The neutral grey penguin design may be more appealing to some parents in contrast to some more garishly designed options, and the base of this playmat is also completely washable too.


  • Interactive play mat
  • Thick extra-padded mat
  • Comfortable and safe at the same time


  • Unsuitable for the babies after 6-month or more

4. Bright Starts Disney Baby Mat – Ideal Baby Play Mat for Disney Lovers

This baby play mat is perfect for Disney lovers and features all your favourite Finding Dory characters, including a Dory finger puppet too.

The Mr. Ray canopy lights up with lots of different lights to dazzle and engage your baby and this playmat also includes 20 minutes of ocean-themed tunes too.


  • Attention-seeking Disney character as a toy
  • Pretty good sound quality
  • Enhances sensory play and tummy time


  • Expensive playmat
  • Thin layers of fabric

5. Baby Play Mat, Play Gym, Activity Gym for New Born Babies

This baby play mat can be used from birth and comes with a convenient carrying bag to take with you on the move and easily store away too.

This baby play mat has adjustable sides so it can easily transform into a ball pit too and offers hours of fun with its forest animal soft toy characters to amaze and delight your baby.


  • It doesn’t take an excess room
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Fair good foldability


  • Pulling collapse, the temporary toys

6. Kinderkraft Baby Playmat – Diversified newborn baby Activity Gym mats for babies

This thick and soft play mat is full of educational and diversified toys. , These mats encourage the baby to play with those toys providing comfort to his tummy.

The unique design and original color baby mat will help your toddler discover the new world. The white and black color also grabs the parent’s attention to buy the soft and comfortable mat for their baby.


  • ● Fully supportive padded mat for baby
  • ● Fashionable, comfortable, and practical
  • ● Variety of toys and textures


  • ● Not so thick baby mat

7. Tiny Love Black and White Gymini, Baby Play Mat

This modern designated black and white playmat comes with a musical toy and a baby book. The hanging toys build up the grasping skill of the baby through continuous practicing.

The engaging toys give the baby lots of fun and force him to spend time in the playmat. Besides entertainment, the playmat is a unique choice to place in the living room.


  • Develops new skills
  • Encourages to practice the skills
  • Strengthens the upper body


  • Needs bigger space to place

8. LAMAZE Freddie the Firefly Baby Activity Play Mat – Baby activity playmat choice

This firefly baby mat is expertly designed to engage the babies with multiple-color patterned delightful toys. The baby’s joyful mental and body development becomes faster at the time they try to reach the toys.

The curved cushion comforts the baby and gives steady and safe support to his tummy to sit. You can remove all parts of this playmat and let the baby use it according to his will.


  • The design engages and delights the baby
  • Fun characters, features, and multiple textures
  • Encourages sensory play


  • The pillow is a bit slippery
  • The bottom could be a bit thicker

9. Baby Einstein, 4-in-1 Kickin Discovery Play Gym

This compact baby play mat develops the baby from his first month through 4 different modes. The language discovery program helps to introduce different languages to the baby by grabbing his attention.

The colorful hanging and detachable toys propose an amazing entertaining power to the lying baby. The enthusiastic music increases your baby’s interest in playing with this gym mat without disturbing anyone.


  • Three different language introduction
  • Magic touch piano
  • Doesn’t need a spacious place to set
  • Endless discovery toys


  • It should be slightly cheaper
  • Quite small

What makes a good baby play mat?

A good baby playmat is an important factor in developing a baby’s physical and mental growth. This keeps the baby active and joyful regardless of his sleeping time.

When you’re a working woman, your baby has to spend most of his time in the playmat. If the mat is not fulfilled with the necessary materials, the baby won’t stay for long on this. Let’s find out what makes a good baby playmate.

Good looking

As you’re getting the playmat for your baby, choose an eye-catchy multiple-colored playmat. Usually, the discovery playmat comes with attractive colors and various discovery cartoon toys.

The black and white-colored gym mat also fascinates the baby with its unique combination.

Toys and songs

All the playmat contains the toys; some also come with unique songs and music touch the piano. A variation might get noticed in the number and types of the toys.

But, the countless number of toys and songs increases the mate’s capacity of attracting the baby.


Safety always comes first for your little sweetheart. An extra-padded playmat protects your sweetheart from getting a heart.

Tummy time pillow

A tummy time pillow enhances the baby’s head and neck growth supporting his tummy whilst sitting.

Large playmat

The large playmat ensures the baby doesn’t hurt himself whilst learning to sit or crawl. Unlike others, this playmat is also usable for your baby during his new growth.

Do You Need a Play Mat?

The playmat is a necessary baby gadget for your up-growing baby. Supporting the tummy, the playmate lets the baby learn to sit and crawl freely. The babies around 3 to 6-month love to stay on the playmat most.

This is the time for their body development and starts to play themselves.

When Do You Need a Play Mat?

You’ll need a playmate when your baby becomes 3-6 months, but waiting for 3 months isn’t compulsory. A baby can play on the playmat from the first day of his life.

During the 3-6 months, the babies start to learn to flip, crawling, so this is the critical time for the babies. When learning to flip or crawl, he might fall on the hardwood floor and hurt himself. So, having the activity mat is compulsory for babies of 3 months and more.

Why Trust Baby Shop Ireland?

Maintaining a newborn or growing baby is a big issue for the new mother. The babies try to sit, crawl, and walk by themselves that may hurt him severely.

So, the baby shop Ireland has brought a considerable baby gear, reversible play mat. However, you cannot control your baby’s activity but can concentrate on work ensuring his safety.