The Best Baby Shoes for Your Little One’s First Steps

A baby must learn how to maintain proper balance before exploring himself. If you let him walk, he might hurt himself with the hard surfaces without learning proper balance.

Basically, a baby must maintain the right balance when he’s just learning to walk. That’s why you must get the best baby shoes for your little sweetheart.

Putting on baby shoes, you can protect your baby feet from all types of hazards. But it isn’t wise to put on the baby shoes on your baby’s feet all the time.

Using the shoes for a long time hampers the baby’s gradual growth and development. Putting the wrong-sized baby shoes also causes the same consequences.

Hence, you should never put on the baby shoes before the right time comes. So, what is the right age for the baby to put on the baby’s shoes?

Let’s explore that with the reviews of the best baby shoes in Ireland. There you go!

What to Look for in The Best Baby Shoes?

To maintain the safety and balance of your baby while walking, you must get the right baby shoes. But the babies don’t need to buy him a pair of shoes only when he’s walking. You can also choose the baby shoes before walking.

Just make sure the shoes don’t stay for a long time on your baby’s feet and maintain the following features.


It is said that brands are everything when it comes to the best product. But that’s not the end! With a bit of searching, there’ll be an available option of best baby shoes out of the famous brands.

Still, if you don’t want to avoid the risk about your baby’s product, choose the branded baby shoes.


Price is also a big factor if you’re budgeted-concerning parents. Not only costly shoes come with good quality. Sometimes the budgeted shoes also last for a long time due to their quality.

Hence, we recommend good-budgeted shoes when the parents ask for the best baby shoes.

Flexible and Lightweight

Is your baby going to be comfortable in his shoes or not? This is the primary lookout when you’re buying products for your baby.

The flexible and lightweight shoes are comfortable shoes for all babies. So, when you get the baby shoes, make sure the pair has all these qualities.


Select the shoes with the rubberized bottom when your baby has started to walk. The shoes with rubber bottoms are non-slip shoes that are considered safer for babies.

Indeed, non-slip shoes are the parent’s first priority for their walking babies.


As you’re buying the shoes only for your baby, it shouldn’t be so luxurious. The babies feel uncomfortable in the luxurious shoes. Luxurious shoes cause irritation and itching in your baby’s feet. 

So, he prefers to stay in simple and lightweight shoes. The simpler the baby’s shoes are, the more he’ll feel comfortable in them.


If the baby’s shoes don’t adjust your baby’s feet, that means you’ve failed to choose the right product. When buying baby shoes, find out the correct size of your baby’s feet.

Only then can you choose the right shoes for your little champ.

Velcro, Straps or lacs

Velcro, straps, or lacs – all of these types of shoes include their respective benefits. They are safe to put on and take off if you choose the right size pair.

Just make sure the shoes you choose can be tightened and adjusted into the baby’s feet.

Easy to use

Your baby won’t like that you cause fuses when putting on the shoes on his feet. So, buy those pair of baby shoes that are easy to put on and take off from your baby’s feet.


Baby’s skin is much more sensitive compared to us. So, select the materials of baby products wisely according to their skin and age.

The same thought goes for the baby’s shoes also. When it comes to shoes, babies are most comfortable in breathable materials. Luckily, you can use the shoes all year that come with breathable materials.

When to Get Baby Shoes? (A Complete List)

It’s important to prevent minor accidents and keep a baby’s feet safe while he’s walking. So, a baby should have at least a pair of shoes before he starts walking. 

Here we have separated a list of baby shoes that’ll guide you to the right baby shoe size.

Months   Size

Top Picks of The Best Baby Shoes

Getting the best baby shoes becomes the first priority of parents. Best baby shoes don’t include only the branded shoes. If the shoes are flexible, nonslip, adjustable, and made of breathable material, you can overlook the brand.

With our reviews of the best baby shoes, let’s learn how a good pair of shoes should be!

1. Juicy Bumbles Baby Shoes with Soft Sole

Baby shoes with Soft soles – are shoes that are made of soft leather. The shoes are flat, and the manufacturer provides available options to select the best design.

All the design comes from talented designers. So it becomes confusing for the customers to choose.

These shoes don’t come off easily from the baby’s feet. But, you can easily put it on and take it off from the baby’s leg as it won’t cause any irritation.


  • Full of protection
  • Doesn’t come off easily
  • Lovely comfortable shoes
  • Soft, wide, and affordable baby shoes


  • It might be oversized if you don’t measure your baby’s feet at first.

What Makes These Baby Shoes Good for Your Baby?

The soft leather structure allows the baby to move and grow naturally. Besides, the leather construction makes it easy for the baby to get a solid grip on the floor.

Why Do We Love It?

The soft leather construction ensures that these baby shoes are safe for your baby’s skin. Basically, it is a lovely and important feature of baby shoes. So, we love this pair of shoes.

Finally, this pair of shoes can be the best choice for your baby if you choose the right size. So, if you’re looking for a reliable option for your little sweetheart, you can choose this pair of shoes.

2. Geox Baby Girl’s B New Balu First Walker Shoe

Let’s meet with a smart choice of the baby shoes – The Geox Baby Girl’s Walker shoe.

This is a great comfortable shoe pair. The shoes are made with a non-toxic, comfortable material. 

Possibly, that’s why these shoes are lightweight and support the ankles of your little angel.


  • Practical and hygienic shoes
  • Lightweight and durable girl baby shoes
  • Easily adjustable entry
  • Effective grip


  • Only made of the girl babies

What Makes These Baby Shoes Good for Your Baby?

If you’re looking for hygienic shoes with great support for your baby girl, consider this shoe pair. All the great features like flexibility, stability, and cushion-effect makes the shoes good for choosing.

Why Do We Love It?

Although The Geox Baby girl shoes are leather-made baby shoes, they are soft enough. Also, there’s a soft cushion system in these baby shoes, making them unique from most other baby shoes.

If you have a baby girl, then she’s definitely going to love this pair of shoes. The reason is the improved design and comfortability of the shoes.

Conversely, move to another option of shoes from our list when you have a baby boy.

3. NIKE Unisex Kid’s Air Max Excee (Gs) Running Shoe

Here comes the toddler shoes beyond the small babies – The Nike Unisex Air Max.

Both the outer and inner side of these shoes are made with synthetic leather material. This material makes the shoe’s design durable and gives a classic look compared to others.

However, there is also mesh material inside the shoes for providing comfortability. Conversely, the surrounding of the shoes is made with a rubber component.


  • Durable and classic design
  • Resistant to stain
  • Reliable, long-lasting product
  • Super comfortable and sporty shoes


  • Uncomfortable for longtime wearing
  • A bit expensive but worth the price

What Makes These Baby Shoes Good for Your Baby?

The Mesh material inside the shoes makes them comfortable for the babies. That’s why this pair of shoes is one of the top choices on our list.

Why Do We Love It?

The hard-wearing leather material makes the baby shoes easy to clean. This is why we loved this pair of baby shoes and kept them on our list.

If you have a toddler who can run almost perfectly, you can have this pair of shoes. With a classic look, this shoe pair is almost like sporty shoes. So, you can use the toddler shoes for a versatile occasion.

4. Clarks Girl’s Tiny Mist T Low-Top Sneakers

There’s another pair of shoes for baby girls – The Clark’s Girl’s Tiny Mist.

Like the previous pair, its outer side is also made with synthetic leather material. But the inner side of this pair is made of textile materials.

Both the inner and outer side of this shoe pair is designated with innovative craftsmanship and clear-cut design.


  • Provides optimum balance and stability
  • Unbeatable comfortability
  • Innovative technology
  • Perfectly finished leather shoes


  • Inconvenient for the bigger babies

What Makes These Baby Shoes Good for Your Baby?

The shoe’s innovative craftsmanship and clear-cut design don’t affect the natural growth of your Girl. So, this shoe pair can be a good choice for your little angel.

Why Do We Love It?

These baby girl shoes feature an innovative technology for the innovative design. Consequently, you’ll get completely different and unique designated shoes.

Frankly speaking, this makes the baby shoes different from others.

The Clark store has produced the Girl’s tiny mist with great innovation. They have 70 years’ experience in making baby accessories. So, indeed, you won’t be disappointed with the quality and design of the shoe pair.

5. Clarks Boy’s Roamer Bear T Sneaker

Here comes another pair of shoes from Clarks – The Clarks Boy’s Roamer bear T sneaker. Simplicity is the main subject of this brand for which we have got this baby product.

Due to the innovative design and clearness, it never hampers the natural growth of babies. Basically, according to the design, Suede is the outer material of the baby shoes. In contrast, the bottom layer of the shoes is made with rubber material.


  • Supports healthy foot development
  • Avoids unnecessary cushioning
  • Affects sensory connection
  • Long-lasting flexible shoes


  • No cons yet

What Makes These Baby Shoes Good for Your Baby?

With a comfortable feeling, this high-quality baby shoe pair is a great choice for kids. Actually, it is the durability of the shoe material which makes it best for use.

Why Do We Love It?

Like others, this pair of baby shoes are comfortable for babies. Indeed, nothing is more important for us than the comfortability of our kids.

When a shoe pair improves the performance of walking, it becomes the main attraction to its customers. The Clark’s Boy’s roamer’s bearer is such a type of shoe pair. So, you can totally depend on this pair of shoes.

6. Geox Baby Girls B Tutim a First Walker Shoe

This cute shoe pair is for your baby girl, which is made of leather both inside and outside. Unlike the flat shoes, the manufacturer has used the heel at the bottom of these shoes.

The shoes feature a small heel which is about 1 centimeter. It makes your baby smart with his growing age. Luckily, the sole of the baby girl shoes is made of rubber. The rubber sole is extremely important for the solid grip and durability of the shoes.


  • Ensures a solid grip and durability
  • Ideal for the sole containing babies
  • Practical and hygienic footbed


  • Too expensive

What Makes These Baby Shoes Good for Your Baby?

The lightweight sole increases the efficient grip of the shoes. Besides this, the lightweight shoes also enhance their smartness after wearing them.

Why Do We Love It?

What we loved about the shoe pair is its Geox-parented technology. It enhances the outsole breathability of the shoes.

This baby shoe pair is adjustable and undesirably comfortable for your little baby. So, if your baby loves to wear shoes, you can choose this pair of shoes for him.

7. Geox Baby Boy’s B Biglia First Walker Shoe

The design is so comfortable and modish in this baby shoe pair. It guarantees the well-being and breathability of the kid after wearing it.

Regardless, there’s a removable footbed into the shoe, which is really hygienic and practical.


  • Comfortable modish design
  • Removable footbed
  • Durable outsole
  • Provides an adjustable entry


  • No cons yet

What Makes These Baby Shoes Good for Your Baby?

Despite having a footbed, the baby shoe is very comfortable, including in summer. That’s because you can take out the footbed from the shoe easily whenever you need.

Why Do We Love It?

We love Geox Baby girl open and close shoes because of their flexibility and practicality.

Indeed, you’ll hardly find a rare combination of products that have both flexibility and practicality. So, you shouldn’t get for having the right pair of shoes within your price range.

8. EIGHT KM Toddler Boys/Girls Shoes

The design of Eight KM toddler shoes comes with great inspiration for any parent. It is an exercise and playing shoe for your little kid.

The sneakers don’t cause any irritation and blisters to your kid’s skin. Instead, the shoe pair is lightweight and anti-skidding. Basically, your kid will enjoy this shoes.


  • Less prone to blisters and irritation
  • Makes the baby comfortable and confident
  • Sturdy Velcro strap
  • Machine-washable
  • Light, safe, and also compatible for fun-loving babies


  • Foamy sole might be uncomfortable for the summer
  • Massive size for the small babies

What Makes These Baby Shoes Good for Your Baby?

The thing that makes the baby shoes good for the little babies is causing less sweating and odor. This is what you must want when you’re choosing a safe product for your little kid.

Why Do We Love It?

For a small price, this light and comfortable baby shoe will be perfect for any baby. That’s why we kept the Eight KM toddler baby shoes on our list.

Babies are naturally fun-loving and, most importantly, sensitive assets to their parents. So, every parent would like to collect the best product for their babies.

The Eight KM toddler is such a type of baby accessory that it is safe and comfortable for babies

9. Harvest Land Trainers Kids Athletic Shoes Toddlers

With 20 years of experience, the harvest store produces high-quality shoes. Frankly speaking, the strict material makes the product comfortable and too economical.

Both the outer and inner material of these athletic shoes includes mesh. This is what makes the pair a great choice for the athlete kids.


  • Super comfortable
  • Great design
  • Prepared by the experienced manufacturer
  • Lowly priced
  • Excellent choice for warm weather


  • The sole is undeniably hard
  • Durability depends on the use

What Makes These Baby Shoes Good for Your Baby?

The carbon fiber adds additional strength and elasticity to the shoe. That’s why it is the correct option for your little kid, as he can use this stuff aggressively.

Why Do We Love It?

The harvest land store adds value to the shoes with never-ending fashion. So, even though you’re about to move on, you cannot ignore the cuteness of these shoes.

Do you want a pair of baby shoes with a combination of fashion and fine workmanship? If so, then you must choose the Girl’s trainer’s athletic shoes.

Undoubtedly, they come with great workmanship and cuteness.