Best baby sunglasses in Ireland

Seeking the best baby sunglasses in Ireland? So, it is the perfect place for you. In summer, when you and your baby would like to stay outside for a long time, sunglasses are an extremely significant accessory.

The best baby sunglasses not only make your little pretty adorable but also provide comfort from the brightest sunlight of the sun.

But how do you find out the best one for your kids?

You can go through this post which we have written after good research and medical studies. We have also gathered expert speeches. From all those resources, we have taken everything that you should know.

Let’s proceed and see my top recommendations for sunglasses for your little angel. 

How to choose the best baby sunglasses?

If you think this section is useless, I want to say you are living with wrong. Yes, this section is most important to find out the best and safe sunglasses for your baby. You must consider some facts before buying. 

What are they? Let’s move!

UVA & UVB rays

Your kids under 10-years are at the highest risk of eye damage from UV rays. So, baby’s sunglasses have to have high protection that filters a minimum of 95% or a maximum of 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Check this fact and protect your baby’s eyes from damage.


Most children or babies can be forceful with sunglasses. You must go for that one that won’t break or shatter after dropping. For the best possible safety, I always recommend picking polycarbonate lenses that are approved by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

It also protects your baby’s eyes from bright sunlight. They can enhance visibility by reducing glare and making comfortable experiences.   


Ensure the sunglasses for your baby has covered with a better portion of eye areas, so they get full protection from them. Apart from the eyes, the surrounding skin area of the eye is also most important to protect from sunlight. Apply sunscreen for more safety. 


Before investing in a pair of sunglasses, consider the comfortability obviously. Otherwise, you little won’t like to wear it in future. Pick up enveloping design sunglasses that won’t fix directly on your children’s ear. 

You should even look for lightweight materials, flexibility, and durability so that little one can wear them when he/she can play outside wearing them. 

Give priority to your child’s choice.

Al last, the most significant option has to be given priority on your little’s choice because it helps them to select their items next. It is the most important step to deal with your older child. You can check safety and durability but give up the style and color option on the wearer. That’s the way; your baby wears it confidently.

Our Top Picks

The best infant sunglasses are incredibly stylish, sturdy, and significantly safe and protected. Seek to block harmful UVA plus UVB sun rays, and cover the whole eye area. Quality and shatter resistant lenses with flexible frames must be indicators. 

So, are you ready to go shopping? 

Here you are going to get flashy UV protection sunglasses that your angel needs.  

Below I have rounded up my selection of premium baby sunglasses and why I choose them over other models.

1. Baby Banz sunglasses

Recommended age: 0-2 years | Frame Types: Shatterproof | Suitable gender: Girl | UV protection: 100% | Lens type: Polarized 

My first ranking sunglass I would like to select from the Australian brand Banz. Why? Yes, for its adjustable headband line, which is very safe for any kids? 

The brand is more well-known for providing comfortable stay-on headbands, making the sunglasses with straps and also fun colors.

Bonus point: The kid’s sunglasses’ lenses will be changed with a prescription if the baby wants to wear eyeglasses.

Key features

Design: The brand designs the glasses of this model to tackle the dangerous UV environments, and all of us identify it gets slightly hot down under.

Category: It is completed with four lenses category. All lenses are constructed of polycarbonate ophthalmic elements. They have an elastic strap to make sure the toddler can’t remove the glass.

Quality material: This pair of baby wrap sunglasses comes with a silicone – Nose and Blow piece. It fixed into the glasses, which offer more comfort according to most reviews of Amazon. Your little would like to wear it again and again for comfortability after the first time.  

Safe from rays

If you ask about protection, this pair offers 100% protects your baby from UVA and UVB rays. It is more fantastic than this pair of carrying bags with cleaning cloth to keep the sunglasses suitable for safety.


This pair is designed for 0-2 year older babies. They are shatterproof, and the company was promised if it breaks within 12-months, they will change it with a new one. The means of it, they are durable and sturdy.        

What makes the sunglasses good?

Some most significant facts make this pair better than other models.

Reliable brand

While it comes to saving a baby’s eyes, every intelligent parent thinks at first about the sunglasses from Banz. They can rely on this brand for its well-designed adjustable headband and also rubber frames. Parents know which makes their baby feel more comfortable and would like to wear for a long time. 


This banded sunglass will save your baby’s eyes and offer more comfy polarization. It also makes sure that the images your kids see through the lenses will match what they see without glasses.

Why we love it

We love it because when it can take infants some time to get used to wearing sunglasses, overall customer reviews are extremely strong. They say their baby loves the pair; they feel well, and the design and color are charming. Parents love it for their baby; it is an excellent way to keep away from any danger. 


  • The brand offers a breakage guarantee.
  • They are polarized, and it is not common for other brands.
  • The filter 100% UV rays
  • They are free from toxic chemicals


  • There are just a few color options.

2. ATTCL sport kids sunglasses

Recommended age: 3-10 years | Frame: Ultra-light | Suitable gender: Boys & Girls | UV protection: 100% | Lens type: Polarized 

These simple sport kids sunglasses by ATTCL has been constructed with flexible plastic glasses that make them two times durable. They won’t break or damage the means of it if they bend, shatter, or drop by accident. 

This pair is the most durable and long-lasting what you can’t imagine from other brands. The brand is a risk-free and protected sunglass that comes with a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

Key features

Material: The lightweight plastic material mean this pair offers a comfortable fit for your infant. There is nothing razor-sharp to be troubled about, so you don’t need to worry about hurting your baby with them. Your kids can take them on or off easily and quickly. 

Design: This pair of sunglasses is designed by a well-known brand specializing in polarized kids. So, you have a better idea about the polarization on a great point. The flexible cadre cycling fishing and sporting design sunglasses let your Boys’ or girls’ kids use full comfy. 

Multiple coated: It is designed with numerous coated like Polarized and waterproof. A complete REVO and UV400 protection system make more save even use in water. The polarized lens assists in restoring accurate color.  

Package: The pack of this model will supply essential tools. You can get here one sunglass, one case, one glasses cloth, and one glass bag.

What makes the sunglasses good?

Stylish design: Fashionable and elegant design with colorful sunglasses is more favorable for any child to use. Your kids also must love it to use for its modern and bright design.

Different colors: They come in versatile, fun colors, various styles, and bulk sizes for toddlers and even older boys and girls. They also offer a hard-shell carrying case that includes a carabiner. It makes the model easy to attach to your diaper bag.  Versatile target: The flexibility makes it a more versatile target to use. For example, you can give it to your kids for fishing, cycling, running, driving, and for active and outdoor lifestyles.

Why we love it

Most reviews say these sunglasses are long-lasting and fit for your kids very well. Some people reported some issues with breakage, but they have been indexed with the company. Some more customers are satisfied with the brand customer service to replace with excellent features.


  • They are stylish and fashionable
  • This set comes with premium material
  • Durable and flexible
  • It is great for active kids who love outdoor functionality more. 
  • Loose and breakage guarantee
  • Waterproof


  • They are only suitable for older kids, tiny ones.
  • No wrap-around pattern

3. Kiddus baby sunglasses

Recommended age: 0-2 years | Frame Types: Shatterproof | Suitable gender: Girl & boy | UV protection: 100% | Lens type: Polarized 

Baby classic and stylish design toddler sunglasses are the favorites for any parents for their kids/ boy or girl. If your baby is concerned and would like too colorful design sunglasses, this is ideal for them. 

Anyone likes this model for its standard and comfortable design. This brand particularly is the most well-known because they understand what your kids actually need. 

 Key features

Frame: The enveloping frame expresses that these series sit on your kids’ ears, making them safe and secure. Your toddler will feel super comfortable and don’t realize that they are wearing glasses over their eyes.  

Stylish model: They come in different sizes and designs suitable for newborn to three-year-old toddlers. It is just perfect for a snug fit on the smaller kids. The frames of this model are constructed from 100% impact-resistant glasses that make them safe, virtual, and indestructible.   

UVA & UVB rays: This new one is not only saving your kids from any injury but also protects them from bright sunlight during outside functionality. 

Impact-resistant: The polarized lens decrease glare and also block 100% of UV rays. They are impact-resistant and don’t graze easily.Warranty: The manufacturer offers at least one year warranty that is ideal for any sunglasses. For quality, they also offer one month money-back guarantee.

What makes the sunglasses good?

Premium quality: Ultra-lightweight frame elements of this sunglass model make it super tough. It can efficiently protect your kids from any injury to child’s eyes and facial skin. The lenses are designed with pc. All ingredients of it are unbreakable and even flexible. Silicon nose part: Thanks to this feature makes this model is great for the users mostly. It fit the glasses between the nose and the forehead. They are particularly designed for the smooth and slight heads of the kids. It perfectly fits the adjustable neoprene strap.

Why we love it

This model is affordable, and we love it for anyone because if your baby grows faster, you can buy another one easily. You should purchase it for your toddler for safety and comfortable version. 

The frames of it are free from harmful chemicals like a toxin. They are also BPA and PVC-free. The lenses are designed with scratch-resistant and even impact-resistant.


  • They fit a smaller to a wide range of infants and kids. 
  • Rubber frames are durable and comfortable to wear.
  • High-quality glasses with an affordable price
  • They come from a famous brand with well-tested features. 


  • They don’t include an adjustable band

4. ATTCL Computer glasses for Kids

Recommended age: 0-2 years | Frame Types: Shatterproof | Suitable gender: Girl | UV protection: 100% | Lens type: Polarized 

My first ranking sunglass I would like to select from the Australian brand Banz. Why? Yes, for its adjustable headband line, which is very safe for any kids? 

The brand is more well-known for providing comfortable stay-on headbands, making the sunglasses with straps and also fun colors.

Bonus point: The kid’s sunglasses’ lenses will be changed with a prescription if the baby wants to wear eyeglasses.

Key features

Frame Material: You must love the skin-friendly frame, which makes the frame durable and abrasion-resistant. The clear blue light glasses kids also reduce the screen glare and decrease the computer radiation. It increases the benefit of blue-light-blocking glasses that can effectively help watch the computer screen.

Money-back guarantee: Blue light glasses by ATTCL can enjoy a 30-days money-back guarantee for defective sunglasses. The manufacturer allows repairing or exchanging faulty at any time.

Design: These sunglasses are designed for kids that aged 3 to 12. It is specially constructed and designed for computer or iPad use. Both boys and girls are permitted to wear it. Just know the frame size of your kids and purchase what fit them properly.

High-quality lenses: The blue light blocking lenses is suitable as children’s computer glasses. You can allow it for daily uses with computers and even smartphones. 

What makes the sunglasses good?

Safety feature: The glasses can block the blue light and reduce headaches or migraines that are responsible for eye tiredness. The lenses of these glasses prevent UV glare effectively and make sure the top UV 400 protection from the sunscreens.Comfortability: Kids are recognized for pulling any things from ears or faces. And we like these glasses that were designed to skip pinching. They are designed to feel comfortable and like your baby wear for more time.

Why we love it

We suggest this model for its enveloping frames that will keep your kids safe and secure. It is more comfortable to use and doesn’t get damaged or scratched anyway, even dropping. The shades come with a case with a microfiber wipe which keeps them clean.


  • Mostly durable and flexible
  • The filter 100% UV rays
  • Made of more bendy materials
  • Shatterproof lenses


  • They aren’t polarized
  • Difficult for younger kids to wear 

5. Polaroid PO115 Rectangular sunglasses

Recommended age: 3-12 years | Frame Types: Alloy metal | Suitable gender: Girls & Boys | UV protection: 100% | Lens type: Polarized 

This is another model of ATTCL on our recommended list that is the best blue light blocking glasses for kids. If you want to purchase sunglasses for your kids to use with a computer or play a game on an iPad, this is ideal. Yes, the glasses are suitable to play outside or to wear on the beach or the sea. 

ATTCL kids sunglasses, flexible polarized kids sunglasses are the most wanted models to parents for their high-quality features. What about the safety of the baby’s eyes and forehead skin? You can get every protection to use this model easily.

Key features

Matte finish: The polarised lenses offer 100% UV rays protection with a matte finish so that the fingerprint doesn’t show up. They come with a microfiber pouch that will be sued to clean and also carry them. The frames are soft and flexible.

Frame Material: The frames of this model are made of soft rubber. So, they are more long-lasting for kids than hard plastic. They come in a good combination, so you are especially guaranteed to get one for your little one.

Wraparound design: The wraparound design save your kid’s eyes from all direction and prevents sunlight from coming through the sides.Warranty: The Company offers one year warranty that is perfect for sunglasses. For high quality, they suggest one monthly money-back assurance.

What makes the sunglasses good?

Fashionable design: Fashionable and elegant design with bright glasses is more preferred for an infant to use. Your children must love it to wear for its modish and rich design.

Multipurpose target: The elasticity makes it a more multitalented object to wear. For example, you permit your kids to use for cycling, running, driving, gaming, and other outdoor activities.

First-class quality: Ultra frivolous frame ingredients of this model make it wonderful stiffness. It can proficiently defend your infants from any hurt of a child’s eyes or face skin. All elements of this model are strong and even bendy. 

Why we love it

Most users say these glasses are durable and perfect in shape for your children incredibly well. Some customers reported some problems with crack. Many customers are pleased with the brand’s customer support to put back with excellent features.


  • Polarised is a reliable brand.
  • A long-lasting frame doesn’t have a chance to break 
  • Good looking universal design
  • Game changer and no refection


  • Without hard case
  • Pretty tight with large heads

6. KIDDUS Newborn baby sunglasses

Recommended age: Newborn, 0-2 years | Frame Types: Adjustable band | | UV protection: 100% | Lens type: Polarized 

There are a lot of sunglasses fitting well for older kids and toddlers. For your newborn, you must use these KIDDUS. It is made from BPA-free synthetic rubber or ultra-flexible thermoplastic elastomer. 

While your kids turn one, they don’t need a strap for their glasses anymore. These sunglasses are designed to look like very stylish grown-up glasses, and these glasses come with a carrying bag. 

Key features

Colorful design: The sunglasses come in a complete range of funk prints and colors like sailboats, cars, flowers, polka, dots, and much more attractive things. Customers were impressed with those colorful designs and adjustable glasses. Thanks also for the headband.  

100% save The lenses filter UV400 protection, UVA, and UVB. The frame and the legs are fully flexible, and they hold up chew on. They come with a stretchy headband so the shades can remain on no matter how active your kids are. 

Flexibility: The glasses are made of complete flexible materials that protect against breakage as your infant will manage their sunglasses by themselves.Modern and stylish: Every parent likes to pick some colorful and most impressive items so that their baby easily accepts them with happiness. The stylish and modern design of these sunglasses is most attractive and fashionable that impress any kid easily.

What makes the sunglasses good?

Comfort: They are designed with adjustable head straps with rubber frames and come with comfortable materials. Your baby feels comfier wearing these glasses anywhere because the glasses will stay in places after wearing them.

Lightweight: The weight of this pair is very light, and the baby won’t dislike wearing it anyway. After wearing it, they don’t feel the weight, and they simply want to keep it for a long time.Shatterproof: They are designed for ages zero to two years older baby because the sunglasses are shatterproof. If they break within one year, the manufacturer will give return a new pair.

Why we love it?

Overall reviews of customers are super strong. They say their baby feels comfortable wearing the glasses, and they like to keep them for their colorful design and patterns. They are cute and great to save their kid’s eyes from harmful rays or other dangers.


  • Guaranteed to adjust or fit
  • There has no chance to break or scratch
  • 100% block of UV rays
  • More flexible, that makes it easier to use. 
  • The glasses are polarized


  • A few are difficult to handle for younger kids.

7. Convertible baby sunglasses By Idol Eyes

Recommended age: 0-5 years | Frame Types: Shatterproof | Suitable gender: Girl/Boy | UV protection: 100% | Lens type: Polarized 

Don’t you like to get typical baby sunglasses? Consider these blue pair of stylish and fashionable glasses from Idol Eyes. You will get an extra two adjustable headbands that are timeless wayfarer designs. You can choose from a variety of trendy and stylish patterns.   

Baby Wrapz are popular sunglasses that come with several polarized lenses and are designed to decrease the sun glare and develop visibility. This pair is ideal for inside or outside use.

Key features

Size: If you are thinking about the size of your infant, you can start it with zero sizes for your newborn baby. You also get it with a silicone strap to keep the glasses in the right places after wearing them.

Flexible frame: These sunglasses are more durable for their flexible rubber frame. Your baby is allowed to put on or off them more times, and you don’t need to worry that they are broken.

Shatter-resistant lenses: The frames of this pair are flexible that come with shatter-resistant lenses. They offer 100% sunlight protection, shielding eyes from UV rays with lenses that are polarized. 

Adjustable strap: Keeping sunglasses on kids’ eyes is really a challenging task. But this model comes with two straps that keep the glasses snug on the heads properly. These real shades win the heart of most parents.

What makes the sunglasses good?

Perfect for toddlers & older kids: These sunglasses are ideal for the toddler to older children who are improving the sense of style. These stylish glasses help them to express themselves. They can explore their large bright world without giving any harm to their eyes.

Wraparound design: The wraparound design comes with versatile patterns with different colors and sizes. They are perfect for your babies, kids, toddlers, and even younger kids.Safety: They offer complete protection from UV rays from bright sunlight. The wraparound style glasses make sure they save your kid’s eyes from any danger and harm. 

Why we love it

We really love these glasses because they come with an extra headband. When they become younger, your kids can use the band and learn how to keep the glasses on to prevent damage or loss, and they will get more confident and learn how to love their stylish glasses and remove the bands. 


  • Stylish wayfare frame as a more flexible version
  • Polarized and completely block UV rays
  • Included removable headband


  • Though the frame is smaller but also big for a newborn.

8. WOAM baby sunglasses

Recommended age: 0-2 years | Frame Types: Rubber frame | Suitable gender: Girl | UV protection: 100% | Lens type: Polarized 

If you like to get stylish colorful, and classic baby sunglasses for your toddler, you must go for these WOAM baby glasses. At an affordable price, it offers high-quality materials, a lightweight frame, and an adjustable headband.

Most kids like its color who is trying to choose their wear by themselves. Though your kids don’t understand the materials or safety facts, they realize the beautiful looks. The classic features of this model attract your infant super fast.

Key features

Lightweight: The WOAM sunglasses are made lightweight, and the frame is more flexible. This fact makes the glasses much more comfortable. They will fit your kids properly, and they would like to wear them when they are staying outside. 

Polycarbonate Lenses: Always this type of lenses is shatter-resistant that well saves the infant’s face, nose, and brow. The built-in silicone helps to save from slipping the glass from your kid’s eyes. All ingredients used in this model are free from harmful toxins.

Warranty: They come with 12-months warranty and also offer to send new pair if the old one breaks within 1-year. But just make sure that you have registered the manufacturer’s form with full instruction.

What makes the sunglasses good?

Design: The glasses were designed for 21-weeks babies to two-year kids with amazing patterns. They are also designed to bend pretty inward to remain them in place. The glasses allow your kids to use them during swimming because the sunglasses float even after the drop in the pool. 

Protection: Protection is a very significant fact for any items of kids. Importantly this model comes with full UVA, UVB, and UVC rays protection. There has no chance to break the glass, and your kid’s eye keeps you safe from any injury. 

Comfort: It is another fact that many parents think their toddlers feel comfortable or do not wear sunglasses. The WOAM also knows it and offers first-class comfortable glasses for the kids with low price better quality.

Why we love it ?

We love it because most customers love it for their kids. They like nice looking and feel these glasses comfort and better for their toddlers. Some people note that they like the designer glasses though the model is small but looks very smart. Many customers say they like it because this pair is durable, flexible, and well fit for their kids.


  • The shatter-resistant design needs to protect your baby from harm. 
  • They have come with a lot of comfort-fit aspects
  • They are available with many colorful options
  • The sunglasses filter 100% of UV rays.


  • They are planned for younger kids but not suitable for older babies.
  • The strap doesn’t leave more room to adjust.

9. PIKACOOL Baby sunglasses

Recommended age: 0-2 years | Frame Types: Galre-free & Shatterproof | Suitable gender: Girl/boy | UV protection: 100% | Lens type: Polarized 

A pair of sunglasses with a fun pattern may spark your kid’s interest. This pair from PIKACOOL features UV protection and assists in keeping the glare out of small ones’ eyes. For more aspects, make it reliable for a guardian to pick it for their kids. 

They have come in various colors that are so funny and attractive, which must love any kids to wear. The patterns and size are fit for two years older babies, even allowing newborns of 21-weeks. They also come with a small micro-fiber bag plus a soft fabric for cleaning the glasses. 

Key features

Elastic strap: Constructed with a removable and changeable elastic strap, these glasses are perfect for toddlers who are trying to pull them off. The shades of it are praised much more by the parent. They seem extremely comfortable with a softer strap with smooth plastic to get off or on easily. 

Maximum protection: These sunglasses come with maximum safety against UV rays. So, you can assure your kid’s eyes are saved even in strong sunlight. 

There are no gaps roughly in the frames that permit the sun to get into the baby’s eyes. Your children’s little eyes have to be protected. The original PIKACOOL boy or girl baby glasses fit their small face and stand out to the rigors of babyhood.  

Rubber frame: Every pair of this series is made of a flexible rubber frame and shatterproof lenses. The manufacturer offers a 12-months warranty against breakage. Your kid can grab, bend, crush, and even pull at the glasses but won’t break completely.

What makes the sunglasses good? Comfortability: Most kids are known o pull things off their nose or face. But we like these glasses were planned to skip discomfort at the face, ears, or noses. This helps to prevent your kids from wanting to pull them off for the first time.

What makes the sunglasses good? 

Comfortability: Most kids are known o pull things off their nose or face. But we like these glasses were planned to skip discomfort at the face, ears, or noses. This helps to prevent your kids from wanting to pull them off for the first time.BPA-free: Besides protecting your toddler’s eyes from sunlight, they are BPA-free plus phthalate-free. So, you can ensure that your kid’s safe in every way. The small size frames are planned for toddlers from 21-weeks to 24-months.


  • Flexible rubber frame and shatterproof lenses 
  • 12-months warranty against breakage
  • Protect from harmful and dangerous blue rays
  • They are also moisture wicking
  • Chew-resistant & bite-resistant


  • They aren’t polarized

Why we love it ?

What do we love about this model? Parents gave their reviews that these sunglasses are very cute to see and feel good and comfortable for your kids to wear. 

They make your baby feel fun and well when they wear this model with you outside. They note the strap is smooth and assist them in keeping it in the right place very well. Many parents say that their toddlers wear them with great enjoyment and comfort.

10. HIFOT Baby Boy Girl Sunglasses

What makes the sunglasses good?

Adjustable strap: The adjustable strap helps to hold the glasses with your kid’s eyes simply. And your little one feels comfortable wearing it when it wants to play wearing them.

Shatter-resistant: Additional peace in your mind that the frames and lenses are free from BPA, toxic materials and are also made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate.

Recommended age: 6-months-2 years | Frame Types: Shatterproof | Suitable gender: Boy/Girl | UV protection: 100% | Lens type: Polarized 

Our last not least round baby sunglasses from HIFOT brand that is always popular for safety and comfortable tools. They understand what quality they should offer, and they offer the best items at a low price. 

This model of sunglasses from HIFOT offers high-quality glasses for 6months to a 24-months baby. It is a blue color glasses that makes more fun and joy for your kids.

Key features

Frame: The greatest feature of this set is its frame. The frame of it is much more flexible and adjustable to keep the right place. They are extremely soft and adjustable sunglasses that you can make straight but won’t break anyway. 

Lenses: The lenses of this model offer 100% of UV rays protection even in strong sunlight. It is a very important fact for your small angel. 

Size: About size, it is clear that you can get this set for your newborn baby, who is now 6-months, whatever this baby is, boy or girl. This is such flexible that anyone will fit in your kid’s ears easily. You can adjust the glasses using the headband simply. 

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a 30-days money-back guarantee and a 12-months warranty against breakage of the frames or straps.  

Why we love it

We love it because most parents give this set of sunglasses higher marks overall. They thought and said that they were comparable and even better than other models. They also love this pair for its low price with high quality and more safety. Some customers wish that they included s strap to assist in keeping them in just the right place. 


  • They offer a breakage guarantee
  • This set is polarized
  • They are super flexible and adjustable strap
  • The glasses filter 100% of UV rays
  • They are free from BPA and toxic chemicals


  • This set comes with just a few colors

Final Thought!

We have already covered the best baby sunglasses in Ireland, where we have listed the perfect glasses for your little kids. Whether your little one is newborn or 5years older, you can pick anyone from our list that you think is good for your kid. 

All of the glasses that we recommended here come with super protective quality from a well-known brand. They are all also low price items that offer a warranty. 

So, why do you wait for more? Let’s check again and pick to give your little kids more joy. 

Have fun a good day with your toddler!