Best Baby Thermometers In Ireland

Calling out to all the new parents! 

How do you check if your baby has a fever? What’s the first thing you look for in your medicine cabinet?

Well, don’t you tell us you detect your child’s skin temperature by simply placing your hand on their forehead! Not only is this traditional back-dated method an inaccurate way of diagnosing a fever, but also increases the chances of you overlooking any serious symptoms of illness like flu or dengue. 

Now come to the most common questions that are bound to pop up in your mind at this point – Which thermometer to buy? What to look for when buying a thermometer? Should you go for the mercury thermometers or rather purchase a digital pacifier one? 

Well, take your seat! We are about to answer all your questions one by one and clear up the fog of confusion hovering in your mind! Keep reading ahead to find out everything you need to know to be able to make the safest thermometer choice for your dearest baby.                                                                                                                                  


Frankly speaking, you don’t wanna show up in a pharmacy and buy any random thermometer you see in front of you – yep, only a dense parent will do that!

At least, you should be familiar with the different types of thermometers locally available in the medicine stores and also their respective differences to help you decide better. Remember – the more things you keep in mind, the closer you can get to buying the best one.


Rectal thermometers 

Even though some parents find it quite embarrassing and humiliating – to actually insert a rectal thermometer up into the rectum of their baby, we still can’t deny the fact that it is said to be the most accurate way to record your child’s body temperature. 

Axillary thermometers 

These are really easy to use – simply place the tip of the thermometer in the baby’s armpit to get a temperature reading. Our long-term experience with axillary thermometers say – the temperature generally shows one/two degrees lower than it is likely to with other thermometers, making it the least accurate of all.

In case you end up buying this, let us give you an easy tip – just know that a temperature reading in the armpit more than 40°C or less than 35°C is of concern and that you should not hesitate to seek medical attention.

Ear and forehead thermometers 

We guess it’s the super easiest method for checking the temperature within seconds in an overall reliable procedure. No matter how old your baby gets, this thermometer is suitable for all ages.

Because these thermometers rely on infrared technology, the reading is almost accurate since it records the heat energy released from the skin or eardrums of the baby. 

Oral thermometers

Using this gets a little tricky if you have a fussy, feisty toddler. That’s why we only suggest oral thermometers for children aged 3 years old or older. You have to keep the tip of the thermometer for about a minute  in the baby’s mouth in a firm position. 

Therefore, if the baby is less than 3 years of age, he will become impatient and restless, he won’t be able to keep his mouth closed during the procedure. In that case, you will get an inaccurate reading of temperature. You may have to go through one or two more trials – just to be thoroughly sure. 

Digital probe thermometers

Have been looking for a thermometer that’s not only accurate but cheap too? There you go! A digital probe thermometer to your rescue!

This thermometer is basically multifunctional, for example, you can easily check the baby’s temperature through a rectal reading if you want, or an oral/armpit reading would just work fine too. 

Temperature strips

This might be the cheapest option – costs less than $10. Easy to use and affordable at the same time. But does it work accurately? Let’s find out!

It’s basically a strip made of plastic that has liquid crystals highly-sensitive to heat. This won’t give you an accurate degree of Celsius or Fahrenheit, it will simply change color to denote the temperature.

Mercury/Alcohol thermometers

Aah! The sweet childhood memories…

Hits nostalgia? Surely it does.

This is the most common type of thermometer, also the oldest, we are used to seeing while growing up ourselves. These thermometers have a thin line of mercury – a silvery, grayish liquid metal or alcohol with a fine red color. The number where the mercury stops will show the temperature reading. 


  • Accuracy 

Always, always, always – carefully read the instructions manual to know how the thermometer should be correctly positioned. The less accurately you will place the tip of the thermometer with the baby’s skin, the less accurate your results will be. 

  • Time taken 

Generally, most digital probe thermometers give out an accurate measurement of temperature within a maximum time of 60 seconds. 

And thermometers that are specialized with infra-red technology, can give the quickest temperature reading in less than 5 seconds. 

If you have a restless fussy child, you will surely like to go for the fastest thermometer for convenience of use, and that’s what we suggest you to do too!

  • Display 

Many thermometers happen to have a very small display screen, making you rub your eyes and look twice just to be sure. Hence, you must buy a thermometer with a larger display, so that it’s easier to read at first glance. 

Also, don’t forget to check out if your display is back-lit. This will help you get accurate readings even at night!

  • Tones 

Good quality thermometers usually have this audio feature where every time it’s ready to take a temperature, it goes beep and then again when the temperature has been measured, the beep sound happens again. 

This feature is really important though, but make sure there is an option to pre-turn it off in case it’s late at night, because you don’t wanna wake up a happy napping child!

  • Tip of the thermometer

We know how challenging it can get at times to take the temperature of a squirming baby. We seriously don’t want to see you get a fever yourself while trying to check if your baby has a fever. 

That’s why, you may wanna prioritize a flexible tip so that it’s convenient and comfortable to use, especially if you are trying to take rectal readings.

  • Memory 

As a parent, you don’t only want your child to have the best memory skills, but your thermometer too! 

Yes, most digital good-quality thermometers have a sharp memory system which allows them to auto-record the temperature readings. This is helpful if you want to track your child’s fever for a certain period of time. 

  • Batteries 

Most digital thermometers have a pre-installed battery. As long as the battery is good to go, your thermometer will show accurate results. On the other hand, if the battery is too low, it may turn off on itself and signal you to replace the battery if you want to continue using it. 

But hey, there is nothing to worry about since you are going to use a thermometer just for domestic purposes. The battery already fit inside the thermometer is likely to last you at least 3 years.

1. Overall Best Ear Thermometer For Baby

This Braun Thermoscan 7 ear thermometer comes with all the accessories you will need to start putting it into use. Not only will you receive 20 caps and the scanner, but also 2 batteries to replace when needed, along with an outstanding storage case. 

In case of a fever at night, you have the night light option in the front display screen, making it convenient to read the temperature even when it’s dark. Just make sure you slightly pre-warm the tip of this thermometer, for further accuracy.


  • You can adjust the age anytime
  • The material is BPA and latex free
  • Beep alerts if you have positioned incorrectly.
  • Sharp memory – the last 9 temperature readings will be recorded for future check-in. 


  • Warranty only upto 2 years
  • You have to select the age group every single time


Like most digital thermometers, you get to choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit and get your temperature readings according to your preference! Furthermore, the display is colour-coded which makes the thermometer as adorable as your baby, allowing you to interpret the results in an easy way.


Come on, why shouldn’t we love it! It’s easier. It’s faster. It’s gentler on the skin. Gives the temperature reading in just less than 5 seconds, making it the best companion in cases of quick medical emergencies. What else can we possibly ask for?!

2. Tommee Tippee Thermometer

We recommend this digital ear thermometer particularly for newborn infants, because the tip of the thermometer is so tiny…it has the perfect shape to fit inside those small little ear holes. But who’s to say you can’t use the same thermometer with toddlers? In fact, the whole family can use it conveniently.

This thermometer is extremely quick, and accurate at the same time, to the extent that it will show the temperature reading in less than a second. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you give it a try yourself!


  • Readable in a dim, dark environment.
  • Quick functioning 
  • Big LCD Display 
  • Stores past temperature readings
  • Both temperature unites °C/°F available
  • Comes with 8 hygiene covers


  • Not suitable for restless children who can’t keep straight, as the ear canal has to be straightened before inserting the tip. 


A long beep…followed by three more beeps!

Yes, this thermometer has a special monitoring feature that makes this ‘beep’ sound to alert you that your child is likely to have a fever. This audio system automatically functions when it senses that the baby’s temperature is relatively higher. 

Plus, you can easily keep a track of the previous temperature readings, because this digital baby ear thermometer keeps a record of it so that you don’t have to note them down on a piece of paper!


Our first priority in any thermometer is its accuracy and fast speed – and luckily, Tommee Tippee thermometer manages to hit all the criteria to be on our bucket list!

The infra-red technology quickly detects the temperature from the baby’s eardrums, and presents you the result within 1000 milliseconds.

3. Philips Avent Thermometer.

If your baby cries in the middle of the sleep, it may not always be about diaper leakage. As a new parent, we often overlook the significance of maintaining the optimum room temperature for our babies to sleep safe and sound at night. Now, how do you determine whether the room temperature is too cold, or too hot for your baby?

Why stress when you have Philips Avent baby thermometer to help you out.


  • Digital LCD display.
  • Suitable for both- bed and bath
  • Resistant to water
  • Sturdy material with premium design
  • Meets safety standards


  • Chances of damage if in contact with the dishwasher.
  • Not portable.


Not only can you monitor the room temperature, but also check the water temp before your baby takes a bath. From comfortable naps to happy bathing times, this digital baby thermometer is the ideal friend for your baby. Not to mention, you can also switch between °C and °F to view your temperature readings whichever way you like.


Out of the many brands out there that sell multi-functional and digital thermometers for babies, Philips has managed to be at the top rank for us because of its long-lasting features and sturdy body! It’s easy to use, and is a great buddy for your baby.

4. Mothermed Baby Bath Thermometer

It’s a thermometer…

It’s a floating toy….

It’s a fish….

Yep, it’s a combination of all three. This baby bath thermometer is shaped like a green fish that will also entertain your child just like any other toy!

One obvious thing you will notice in the display panel after buying this thermometer is that there is a LED warning light. Well, why the heck is it there? In case the water temperature is more than 39℃, the light will flash red to alert you that the water is too hot for the baby. Phew! How relaxing is this feature.


  • Sound alerts if the temperature is too hot or cold for the baby.
  • Shaped like a toy
  • Large LCD display screen
  • Waterproof material
  • Usable in swimming pools too.


  • Not suitable for children under 3 years 
  • Automatic shutoff after 30 minutes


One hassle we all have to face with baby thermometers is replacing the battery! But with this digital baby bath thermometer, you can keep aside this worry for at least 3-4 years. This is because the pre-installed battery is of high quality that ensures long-lasting power supply. Say bye bye to battery replacement tensions.


We are so glad that this thermometer is not like those dull looking traditional plastic ones! This fish-shaped thermometer looks as cute and adorable as your baby! So if your baby hates taking a bath or does not like to stay in the water for long, buy him this new ‘toy friend’ to accompany him in the waters.

5. Aycorn Digital Baby Thermometer

Just a heads up in case you didn’t know this, Aycorn is one of the most trusted and reliable baby brands in the UK, which makes us happy to present this iconic digital baby thermometer to you! 

It’s shaped like a crab and its premium design is child-friendly. We are sure your baby’s face is bound to light up with a smile once he/she sees this new play toy. Plus, the material is strong and sturdy. Even if it falls off from your baby’s hand accidentally a couple of times, there’s no way it will break so easily. Hence, you can take a chill pill about the thermometer’s life span!


  • Designed for use in the bath or bed
  • Reliable temperature readings
  • Large LCD display with flashy red alerts if temperature is too hot or cold.
  • BPA free
  • Safe to be used as a toy
  • Meets safe standards
  • Floats nicely on water


  • Only shows temperature readings in whole numbers without decimals.


This all-functioning thermometer by Aycorn can be used in your bedroom or in the bathtub! Moreover, you don’t want to wait for hours to check a simple temperature, that’s why this thermometer will suit your needs best because it shows quick and accurate temperature readings in split seconds.


The best thing for a parent is that you get to enjoy a warning alarm in the form of a red light, that aims to give you a peace of mind regarding your child’s bath water or room temperature – whether it is not too hot or cold. And the best thing for the baby is that he gets a new toy with a playful crab design as his playmate.

6. Nuby Thermometer and Clock

The Nuby brand never fails to amaze us! As unique as its name is, this thermometer can be used for multipurpose. You can use it as an everyday clock, a timer or treat it just as a regular thermometer to check the room temperature, and also if the water temp of your bathtub is okay for a baby to take a bath in. By the way, this cute little turtle-shaped goodie can also float in water, making it ideal to carry it to a swimming pool as well when needed.


  • Beeps to warn if it’s too hot or cold
  • Floats in the water
  • Readable LCD screen
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit both units available
  • Multi-functional 3 in 1 design.


  • Battery compartment is not so watertight.


Unlike all the other thermometers we have been talking about till now, this thermometer cum clock also includes a timer function. If you guys are new parents, this feature is something you don’t wanna underestimate! Because it will help you to keep track of time, no matter how busy you are. You will have an idea on how long your little munchkin has been floating around, enjoying a tur-tally time with his new turtle toy.


Okay, so we keep hearing about it all the time – how new mamas whine about their babies being afraid of water when they are taken to first-time swimming lessons. The biggest mistake that they make is not taking this turtle thermometer for the baby! If the baby finds a turtle-shaped toy floating calmly beside him too, he will want to stay in the pool all-day long.

7. IDOIT Digital Forehead Thermometer

Not just your forehead, you can take the temperature reading of different objects as well with the same device. The most unique thing about this digital forehead thermometer is that it doesn’t need to have direct contact with your skin in order to show a reading! 

Here’s how you do it – first, select “body” from all the mode options. Keep a distance of at least 4 cm between the sensor of the thermometer and your forehead. Go ahead and press the trigger. Now give it a second. Once the temperature is measured, you will hear a beep. 


  • Effective fever alarm
  • Switching options between Celsius/Fahrenheit
  • 3 sensors inside
  • 3 back-lit colors 
  • Accurate reading within a second


  • The display is very angle-dependent, which may make it slightly difficult to read.


Good news is that – this infrared forehead thermometer for babies is not just limited to babies, even adults and old people can measure their temperature using this thermometer. The cherry on top – it has 99 data sets! The stunning built-in data register can record even the slightest changes in your body temperature in a given time period. 


How can we not fall in love with this digital thermometer! Because of its high-tech infrared sensor, it can record the temperature of your body or any other solid surface, without even practically touching it. This is much much safer and reliable than the traditional mercury thermometers available in the stores! Don’t you think so?

8. BabyMad Thermometer

You must be wondering, what do we possibly mean by the abbreviation “BBT”, right? 

Well, it actually stands for “Basal Body Temperature” and the simplest meaning of that is your lowest body temperature. For example, the moment you open your eyes and wake up in the morning, kind of still in a ‘half awake, half asleep’ state of mind, that’s the best time to get a reading of your basal temperature!

Good news for young ladies! If you record your basal body temperature for a consecutive couple of days with the help of a BabyMad Basal Thermometer…you will be easily able to predict your ovulation! Sounds cool, isn’t it? 

(P.S – Men, don’t feel bad! You can also use it to record your body temperature along with your wife’s!)


  • Shows temperature readings to 1/100th of a degree
  • Liquid Crystal display for easy reading
  • Mercury free
  • Memory feature
  • Predicts ovulation
  • BBT chart included


  • Takes a while for temperature to register
  • Shows temperature readings only in Celsius, no options for Fahrenheit.


This is a unique thermometer, and we will tell you as well why! 

When a woman is going through ‘that time of the month’, she ovulates. As a result, in order to ensure a healthy fertile environment for conception, her body decides to raise the temperature, somewhat giving off fever vibes! 

With the help of this exclusive thermometer, not only can you monitor when this temperature rise is happening in your body, but at the same time, you can also determine exactly when ovulation will be commencing in your menstrual cycle.


This thermometer is more like an ovulation test thermometer! Not to mention, the BBT chart that comes along with it, is extremely helpful. But hey, who’s to say you can’t take your baby’s temperature reading with it when he catches a fever! It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s useful for both – a mother or a simply married woman trying to conceive.

9. Femometer Forehead Thermometer

Okay, we do know that you are particularly looking for a thermometer for your newborn baby only…but what if we told you, you could actually take the temperature reading of the whole family with just this one thermometer? 

Yes, you read that right! Not only was this product made with the intention for usage by people of all ages, you can also check the temperature of any room in your house and the surface of any object, solid or liquid.


  • Switchable between °C and °F
  • Easy and comfortable to hold and use
  • Auto memorization of the last 10 temperature readings. 
  • 12 months replacement guarantee from the date of purchase


  • May require early battery replacement.


This thermometer is well-equipped with sensor probes and advanced algorithm features. Hence, this non-contact infrared thermometer can easily show you the result of the temperature readings within a second. What a time savior in case of emergencies! 


This forehead thermometer has a big LCD screen.

Yeah, what’s so special about it! Most thermometers happen to have a large LCD display! However, this one  includes 3 back-light indicators – one being green, then yellow and lastly red. When you see green, know that you are good to go. But if you see a red screen, you will also hear a warning beep sound that suggests a high/abnormal body temperature.

10. Paryvara Forehead Thermometer

Have you got a fussy squirmy baby who doesn’t let you place the thermometer in his armpit or under the tongue? You have got to measure the temperature but at the same time you don’t want to wake your baby up? 

Well, well, for cases like this, the Paryvara digital non-contact toddler thermometer truly acts as a blessing! You can easily take the reading from a distance of 1 cm, without waking your baby.


  • Accurate and reliable
  • Suitable for babies, kids and adults
  • Fever alert system
  • Standard LCD display screen
  • Easy switch between °C and °F
  • Mute buttons available


  • Not eligible for return when unit fails


This thermometer is a great value for money indeed – you can use this thermometer on your infants, toddlers, older children, adults and elderly of the house. Not just the forehead though, you can get a reading of your baby’s milk bottle as well, and the room temp of your bedroom too if you want. 


We can testify on its reliability and consistency because we have seen most pediatricians use this thermometer and it’s also clinically certified.


It’s hard to choose, we know. That’s why we decided to open up with our opinions and views on the ten best baby thermometers in Ireland available in all the markets and local pharmacy stores. No matter whichever you decide to buy at the end, make sure to carefully go through the instruction manual that comes with the thermometer to avoid chances of errors.