Best Baby Changing Mats for Nappy Changes

A baby changing mat is an essential item for all parents as your baby’s nappy will need changing frequently throughout the day and the night too.

Some baby changing mats come with a removable cover, whilst others are simply wipe-clean. Available in lots of different colors and designs to suit your nursery style, here are the top 5 best baby changing mats.

Here are The Top 9 Baby Changing Mats in Ireland:

What to Look & Consider When Buying a Baby Changing Mats?

Keep some major points in your mind whilst choosing a changing mat for your baby. You’re not going to buy the changing mat again and again, right?

Again, you cannot avoid the importance of the changing mat, as changing mats creates a safe environment for your baby. So, what to look at and consider when buying baby changing mats? Let’s dive in to know the features of an ideal nappy changing mat.

Supportive padding

Your baby’s skin is soft and sensitive, so no compromise about his safety. Hopefully, you have understood what we mean, right?

A good baby padding should come with thick and supportive padding. This will make sure that your baby won’t get startled by the cold of the floor.

Safety straps

While buying a changing pad, don’t forget to look for 2 safety features in it.

Firstly, an adjustable safety belt to ensure the security of your little sweetheart. Secondly, an anchoring strap to hang on the changing mat onto the wall; this will remind you to use the changing mat each time you’re changing nappies.

Absorbent to mold and mildew

Babies have to change diapers and dress several times a day. Each time you need to use the changing mat when you are napping or dressing your baby.

That’s because the babies are very messy and make cloth dirty soon. Besides clothes, their changing mat also gets dirty frequently.

So, a changing mat must have to be absorbent to mold and mildew and shouldn’t soak easily. In a nutshell, buy a waterproof changing mat for your baby.

Easy foldability and transportability

If you have to travel frequently, you better buy a foldable and transportable mat for your baby. They are actually called travel mats that you can also get when your house isn’t so spacious.

Luckily, a lot of foldable travel mat comes within a tight budget but generous size. This ensures your baby’s safety and comfortability within a lighter budget.

Easy to clean-up

Easy cleaning should be a mandatory feature in your chosen baby changing mat. Washing and drying the changing mat each time after getting dirty is impossible.

So, look for the changing mats, which you can clean only by wiping with a sponge or cloth. After wiping, apply the disinfectants on the mat to make it germs-free.

Indeed, more the major and deep dirt and filth, you must clean the changing mat into the washing machine. Therefore, you also have to make sure that your mat is machine-friendly.

Perfect size

Buy a large-sized changing mat for your baby so that he can use it until he becomes grown-up. Besides, check whether the changing mats fit onto the piece of furniture where you’re going to place it.

Additional features

Although additional features aren’t compulsory to look at, getting something special is always great, isn’t so?

A modern baby changing mat can give you something more than your expectations. These mats are spacious, but still, they save lots of space in your house.

You can roll them up before storing, as many among those changing mats come with the anti-roll feature. With the straps of the mats, you can carry your grumpy baby effortlessly.

Meets the certifications

The quality baby changing mat should meet the standards of ASTM. This is an estimated standard for the safety of babies. This standard specifies a baby changing mat is made of low chemical emissions.

Indeed, the chemical emissions are harmful to the health of the standard baby.

Don’t worry if your chosen changing mat’s material doesn’t meet or meets only a portion of this standard. This is just for the over-conscious parents who are very sensitive about their babies.

Our Top Pics of Baby Changing Mats

1. Tiny Triangles Changing Mat – Classic Changing Mat Design

This baby changing mat is a great neutral choice and offers all the classic functionality you could want for a baby changing mat in your home nursery.

This baby changing mat is made from PVC and is easy to keep hygienically clean. This baby changing mat is also padded for added baby comfort and waterproof too.


  • Waterproof surface
  • Practical design and looks stylist
  • Decent and robust padding
  • Good size and material


  • The cover is a bit uncomfortable

2. Lekebaby Portable Nappy Change Mat – Best for Baby Changing on the Move

This portable baby changing mat is perfect for changing baby on the go and comes in a conveniently portable design that folds out to 63 × 35 cm.

This changing mat carrier also features lots of handy pouches, so you can keep all your wipes, nappies, and other baby essentials all together too and the lining is completely waterproof as well.


  • Convenient to transfer
  • Variety of design
  • Superb handy features
  • Easy to fold-up
  • Available small storage compartments


  • Thinness
  • Not the biggest mat

3. Babycurls Store Baby Changing Mat – Deluxe Hypoallergenic Fabric for Optimum Cleaning

This baby changing mat comes in a wide array of attractive animal designs so you can easily find the ideal one to suit your nursery décor.

The hypoallergenic, non-toxic PVC material is really easy to wipe down and keep clean after every change. This baby changing mat also has foam padding all the way around the outside for added comfort too.


  • Stylish design options
  • Provides a safe and supportive environment
  • Soft and easy to wipe down


  • Padding is not so thick

4. East Coast Nursery Chevron Changing Mat – Waterproof and Easy to Wipe Clean

This changing mat is made from non-toxic PVC material and is easy to wipe clean and is also totally waterproof too.

This classic chevron design would look great in a variety of different nursery rooms and is lightweight and easy to store as well.


  • Nice and padded with foam
  • Neutral colorful pieces
  • Wipe-clean surface


  • The PVC out may crack or split

5. Essentials by Lotte Changing Mat – Ideal Multi pack Changing Mat Choice

This baby changing mat comes in a convenient 2 pack and is made from 100% cotton so it is comfortable and soft for your baby to lie on when being changed.

This baby changing mat is also suitable for machine washing, so whilst one is in the wash, you have a second that is still ready to use.


  • Machine washable covers and mat
  • Portable chang
  • Waterproof material
  • Cotton-made and lightweight


  • Absorbs much water during washing

6. LEADSTAR Portable Nappy Changing MatBacterial-free sponge changing pad

The cushion-made padded nappy changing mat saves your baby from getting hurt with the hard objects. Your little baby cannot go out of the mat because of its large size and capacity.

This changing mat features 3 pockets, where one is an external pocket for nappies, and the rest two are internal pockets.


  • Flexible for one-handed operation
  • Safe and durable clothing
  • Clean only by wiping


  • It doesn’t fit all essentials
  • It folds bigger than the expectation

7. Cheeky cow Portable Changing Mats Waterproof and fold-able baby changing mat

This is a baby secure and leakage-proof baby changing mat with high-quality disposable pads for babies. Cleaning the baby diaper changing mat is very easy; just replace the dirty pad with the clean ones.

Besides water resistance, the changing mat is also fold-able and adjustable to any place.


  • It makes the cleaning job quicker and easier
  • Waterproof backing
  • Soft and comfortable top


  • Not so luxurious
  • Quite thin although soft

8. Deluxe Unisex Baby Changing MatUNISEX design and wipeable cover changing mat choice

This wipeable baby changing mat includes non-toxic material that makes your baby stay secure. Indeed, the toxicity inside the nappy changing mat is serious for your baby’s sensitive skin. Anyway, the Unisex baby changing mat has an attractive woodland design that’ll definitely catch your attention.


  • It doesn’t form a drip
  • Warms baby’s body quickly
  • Good thickness
  • Such a pretty pattern


  • Attracts dust and fluff
  • A bit thin in the middle

9. East Coast Nursery Changing MatPhthalate free nursery baby changing mat

This baby-safe nursery essentially ensures your sweetheart’s comfortability just because this is filled with soft foam.

From birth to growing up, this baby changing mat ensures your little ones’ comfortability and security. Don’t worry about the dirt over the mat as it is easily wipeable, and the dirt goes away only after wiping.


  • It prevents the baby to roll-off
  • It fits the small changing table
  • Soft and reliable padding


  • Wears and fads early
  • It doesn’t last long

Do You Need a Baby Changing Mats? 

Baby changing mats are used for ensuring the security and comfortability of a baby whilst he’s on a hard surface. You might need to keep the baby on the hard surface when changing nappies, dressing, or undressing him.

However, a thick towel also can do the work of a baby changing mat. If you have a thick and comfortable towel at home, you mightn’t need the baby changing mat.

Even though you do not have a thick towel, you can use two or three towels instead of changing mats. Still, the changing mats are always best as it uses the premium-quality materials and standard covers.

When Do You Need a Baby Changing Mats? 

Although most parents buy baby changing mats for changing the baby’s nappies, it has several uses. You can use the changing mats whilst you’re –

  • dressing and undressing your baby
  • checking the eyes and nose
  • drying the baby after showering
  • taking care of the umbilical cord
  • letting your baby alone time to play

What makes a Baby Changing Mats?

The components of the baby changing mats differ on the basis of their brands. The more you spend, the more quality changing mats you’ll get for your baby.

Nearly all the brands make their changing mats with the foam that is covered with the elasticated cotton cover. The quality mats use a waterproof cover over the polyurethane foam. However, some brands also use the PVC coating over the foam.

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