cleaning baby playmat

How to clean or wash a baby play mat?

Cleaning or washing a baby play mat is one of the most difficult jobs for mommies. Our toddlers love to spend their time with their playmates and often make it a mess. Most of the time they split up food and drinks on the play mat. As a mother, we need to take care of his/her personal hygiene because it comes in direct contact with their skin.

So, it’s very important to know about the materials and how to clean or wash the playmat. Contact us to know more about the products, We listed the best baby playmat in Ireland.

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What is a baby play mat?

A baby playmat is a brightly colored and attractive mat for the baby’s playtime. There are lots of beautiful playmats which are safe and comfortable for your little ones in different colors, shapes, and themes. It is basically a mat that you can use to keep your baby when you are doing your work. The playmat is normally used for babies’ playtime, it’s made in such a way that they won’t get hurt and you can let them be their own.

Types of play mat

There are many types of playmat you can see in the market. It can make you confused to get the best because all of them look so attractive. Before buying a playmat for your baby,you need to know the materials they are made from.Here, I am giving you the description of the playmate and it’s materials so that you can get to know which one will be best for you.

Foam play mate:

Foam playmat is a very common and inexpensive baby mat. The materials are so soft that your baby will love it.It is also made in such a way that your baby won’t get hurt, if it tries to crawl.It ensures you that your toddlers won’t get injured.

But there are some disadvantages also, foam is a very soaking material, it’s not easy to clean. You have to be extra cautious to make it dry because it comes in direct contact with your baby’s skin.

Rubber play mate:

Play Mat which is made from rubber is widely used in baby care and activity gyms. Rubber is easy to clean and doesn’t absorb water. If your baby is 2-3 years, a rubber playmat is a good option for you. It is easy to clean and you won’t have to worry about hygiene. You can easily wash it or clean it with normal water. But make sure to avoid harsh chemicals. 

Plastic play mate:

Plastic play mats are basically made of plastic. It’s not that much thick but quite good for the playroom. There are many playmats in the market which you can easily get. One of the best things about plastic play mats is, they are easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about liquid absorbance. You can mop it, clean it with water and it would be as before.

Puzzle play mate:

When a baby starts to crawl or walk, parents usually get worried. Puzzle playmats are the best solution for this problem, you can cover your whole surface with a puzzle playmat. Puzzle play mats made of foam, they are soft and comfortable. Cleaning or washing this mat is a nightmare, it absorbs water so avoid mopping. What I did was clean them daily and scrub them once a week.

Fabric play mate

There are thousands of fabric playmat available in the market, they are quite popular for their beautiful texture, shapes, and colors. Your baby will love it for its wonderful combination but they can rift it with any harsh things. Like foam playmat, the fabric also absorbs water so you have to take this in mind when you are going to buy a fabric playmat for your baby. 

Tummy time mat:

Tummy time is started after the birth of the baby but the real tummy time is 1-2 months after the birth. They do their tummy time 1-2 minutes several times a day. At that time, a tummy time mat is needed for the baby. Tummy time mats with fabrics and padding are very popular. You can easily wash it in the washing machine. Most of the playmates have velcro pieces, make sure you remove them before washing. Also, every electronic device is removed before the washing. 

Water mat:

Water mat is my personal favorite baby mat, they are indeed beautiful and eye-catching for your baby. A water mat is basically a mat that is blown with water in it, you can change the water and keep it aside. Water mat is made of plastic and they are easy to clean. Be careful not to leak anywhere on the mat or it will create a mess for your toddlers.

Cleaning process of a baby play mate with different equipment:

Most of the frequent questions we get from our customers are how to clean or wash their baby playmat. Cleaning or washing a playmat is very important to keep your baby protected from any kinds of infection or dirt allergy. If you have a pet at home, it becomes compulsory to clean it properly. But the main question is how to clean or wash it? I am giving you some techniques which will help you to clean your baby mat properly.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is good for cleaning baby toys and playmat.There are some basic steps how to clean or wash a playmat by baking soda:

  • Take some water and put some baking soda in it.
  • Mixed well and made a foam of paste with water.
  •  Apply the paste in your playmat then keep it for 10 min.
  • You can wash the paste or clean it with a sponge or brush. All the germs and dirts will vanish easily. 

Vinegar & Water:

For cleaning playmat one of the most old methods is vinegar and water.It helps to protect the mat from dirts,stains, bacteria and germs.

There are some steps you have to follow to clean or wash your baby’s play mat with vinegar and water:

  • You have to take a spray bottle then add half hot water and half vinegar, mix it well. 
  • Now spray it in your baby’s playmat, wait for 2 min.
  • Then clean it with a regular napkin or water.

Detergents and Dish Soap:

Detergent and dish soap are basic ingredients of cleaning playmat.Here,I am giving you some basic steps to wash your playmat with detergents and dish soap:

  • Make sure your playmat is PVC playmat or else it will ruin the materials. 
  • Simply make a foam with detergents and soaps, then clean or wash the mat. 
  • Make sure to dry the playmat properly or else it will damp. 

Bleach / Disinfectant:

Bleach is often used in cleaning or washing some of the playmat. There are some steps which you should follow using bleach :

  • If you are using a washing machine, keep white clothes and fabric materials separate.
  • Add some detergent for cleaning and also ¾ cup bleach in hot water.Chlorine bleach sanitizes your mat.
  • Wash it properly with water and dry it.Don’t use excessive amount of bleach and disinfectant 

Cleaning with Rag and Water:

Cleaning with rag and water is the old school cleaning idea.Most of us know how to clean or wash mat with it. 

There are some steps given below to clean your baby’s playmat  with it:

  • Before cleaning with a rag make sure it is clean. You can also use wet tissue, if you don’t want to use rag.
  • Make sure your playmat is waterproof before cleaning or washing it with water.
  • If your baby playmat is a plastic and rubber mat,you can wash or clean it with rag and water.

Tips to follow When cleaning or washing a play mate?

I discuss how to clean or wash a playmat now I want to give you some tips when cleaning or washing playmat. 

There are some tips which you should keep in mind when cleaning or washing a playmat:

  • Don’t use excessive amounts of chemicals, it can ruin the materials of the playmat. 
  • When doing vacuum cleaning, don’t use the bristle head of the vacuum. It can scratch the playmat or make permanent damage. 
  • Direct contact with sunshine can damage the fabric of the playmat. Don’t keep it under the sun or in a heated area.
  • Don’t let your baby use a color pencil, it can cause permanent damage to the playmat. Those colors cannot remove and damage the playmat. 
  • Don’t place heavy furniture and inflammatory objects, keep them away from the baby’s playmat.