Kids Watches

7 Best Kid Watches Reviews

Teaching children how to understand time to maintain a regular lifestyle from childhood is very important but challenging. There is nothing items to make this task easy for parents without kid watches.

Children learn very quickly what they see, hear, and what they feel practical. So, kid watches are the best way to teach them to understand the time to take responsibility.  

When your child can see recorded time, they can learn how to measure instructions to tell the time. And they can follow your instruction to do some regular tasks by themselves.

But for buying a kid watch for your child, you should rely on the best brand in the market. To help you, we have listed the most popular and favorite kid watches below. We hope we will enjoy them and find out the best one for your kid. 

What Should Keep In Mind When Choosing A Kid Watches

Before deciding to pick for kid’s watches, here is a complete buying guide. It helps you to determine the right option for kid watches.

If you want to get a watch for your kids to tell time, you have to get the perfect set. However, for those seeking a watch with some more functions, read on!  

Kid’s age 

Start searching based on your kid’s age. For the perfect watch for your kids, you first think about your child’s age. Analog models will be perfect if you need to start from basic for learning time. Most kids’ analog watches feature a colorful design that appealing the little easily. 

Older children or toddlers who are able to appreciate some extra functions often drop toward aspect-rich digital or sports watches. Based on the technology and smart design, digital or smartwatches will be perfect for younger or toddlers. The perfect smartwatch can perform as a learning tool for your kids.    

Daily life activity

The daily activity of the kids is another significant fact to consider. Active children who often take part in different sports will regularly need a watch that keeps up with the physical standard of living. In these cases, child’s sports watches will have a rugged exterior, high level of waterproof and shock absorbing abilities are a better option.   

Style & Fashion

For many kids, watches are a fashion as they are a punctuality tool. Selecting the right kid watch for the younger child will be so simple for getting one that aspects her favorite color, design, and cartoon character. 

However, the younger child often has more improvement tests. To skip pretty displeasure, ill-disguised looks of contempt, we strappingly recommend including tweens in the selection way. If you are buying a kid’s watch for a gift, taking a note of what kids of a similar age are wearing will be useful.   


Kids are normally messy; they break things as they are young and learn how to take care properly of their stuff. Rough handling and energetic play are sufficient to cause scratches, crakes, or worse. When it could be tempting to purchase a lea pricy watch in expectation of injury, doing so could end up costing you in the long run. 

Flimsy clasp with thin watch faces will break quickly when handled with a reasonable quantity of care. Choosing high-quality kids’ watches from the get-go will protect you from the price of frequently having to pick a substitute.   


Most of the kid watches are water-resistant but not waterproof. Some of the kid watches on our list are waterproof and let allow the kids to play in the bathtub. If your kid plans to wear the watch continuously, ensure to get a waterproof option. 

Otherwise, watches that can handle pretty rain and some splashes have to work fine so long as you keep in mind you kid to take the watch off before going into the water.  


Let’s face it, and children can’t do what they don’t like. For instance, wear something which isn’t comfortable as an itchy wristwatch.

Most of the kid watches are constructed with silicone which is very comfortable for most kids. Some children have allergies, or their body is sensitive to one other, and you have to think of a leather band.

The fact of the kid watches can reason discomfort for Childs also if it slides around so many. Ensure the watch fits snuggly but not very snug, or it can be tight. Try to find the band which will fit with the ability to move but just barely.      

Types of kid watches

Watches come in five basic styles: analog, digital, sports, multifunctional, and smart.

  • An Analog watch performs as a simple watch with arms.
  • A digital watch speaks about the time with visible numbers without moving hands. 
  • A sports watch has a bigger face with a waterproof band to withstand sweat and swimming. 
  • A multifunctional kid watches display time date and has an alarm with stopwatch features.
  • The smartwatch offers some extra features with a mini-computer screen. It tells time, date, and alarm like other watches. But the most attractive feature is that it performs as cameras, phones, GPS trackers, and more options. 

You can choose any one of those types to depend on your need and your kid’s desire.   

Easy to operate

Childs doesn’t like messing around and figuring something out. If it is very tough to use, they will leave the watch in some random places and don’t touch it again. So, get a watch that is easy to operate and use.

How We Tested Our Recommendation

Guided by Our experts, we spend hours researching and reviewing our top listed products. We know that there is nothing like a correct recommendation from an actual parent; we headed to some forums to discover besides searching reviews and real experiences of parents for the best kid watches.

Having collated information, we have selected every single watch we thought would make the best option for your kids in different categories.  

1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Quick specs

  • Screen size: 1.4 inches
  • Color: Royal Blue
  • Age: 4 to 9 years
  • Material: Rubber
  • Type: Smartwatch  

The VTech kidizoom smartwatch is full of advanced technology, game, and activity. It offers a multifunctional device with a customizable display with standard features as a well-known brand. This watch tells the current time and most attractive feature that it arrives with three advanced activities. 

VTech makes an excellent kid smartwatch. We have got the VTech KidiZoom smartwatch was pretty young for four to nine years old. So, you can pick for any age of kids who fall in love.

Key features

  • This kid arrives with interactive features like three fun activities, five games, three action challenges with a motion sensor.
  • There are camera activities that let budding photographers begin capturing influential childhood memories. 
  • There are different color options available, like blue and purple. 
  • Kids and parents like this kid for its durability, comfortability, educational functions, and more fun and gaming modes.
  • This smartwatch DX includes 8-games that your kid can play using the touch screen and the downloading ability. These kid watches also help teach your child how to tell time by allowing them to select between up to fifty 3D digital displays. 
  • The clock alarm, timer, and even stopwatch with two new tools function like a calendar and calculator features.  

What makes it 


This kid’s smartwatch includes many more activities with two new tools like a calendar and calculator with games or advanced functions. Here your child can work simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

It is water-resistant, splash, and even sweats proof. Moreover, it was designed with children in mind with easy to press button straight around the watch face. Your kid can set the time and date all their own and understand time.  

Why do we love it? 

Kids and parents love this kid’s smartwatch for its easy operating system with many functions. In addition, the watch can teach your kid good habits with date, hour, calendar, alarm clock, calculator, and more. It also arrives with a LED backlight for easy view in the dark.  

Pros of using it:

  • It operates with advanced technology 
  • Two new functions- calendar and calculator
  • Durable and flexible
  • Intelligent and advanced features make you a little more talented
  • Excellent for game and camera

Cons of it:

  • It is just water-resistant but not waterproof.
  • It is pretty expensive.

2. Camouflage LED Sport kid watches

Quick specs

  • Color: Camouflage
  • Age: 9 to 18years
  • Brand: CakCity
  • Display: Digital 
  • Material: Rubber
  • Type: Sport watch  

If you are seeking a sports watch to help your younger kid learn how to tell the time, this kid’s sports watch will be perfect. It is a waterproof digital electronic casual military wrist sport kid watch. The band is made of silicone, making it comfortable to wear for a long time. This is a great one for those kids who love to understand the time and value their time.   

Our experts speak out that this watch is not only a digital watch but also a more fashionable and sporty dial design with a military outlook. Yes, the large dial and numbers with the LED light will help your kids see the time in the dark.

What more? Continue and introduce with more features!

Key features

  • Constructed with a soft and environment-friendly silicone rubber strap with a durable rubber case and stainless steel case, this sports watch is more comfortable to put on all day long. 
  • This sports watch is lightweight, has a waterproof stopwatch, and is shockproof with a backlight alarm. 
  • It is suitable for all types of sports and ideal for regular use. You kids must fall in love with it.
  • The multifunctional system offers a lot of functions besides telling time. It includes a calendar, stops watch, and backlight alarm.  

What makes it suitable?

The silicon strap will fit your kid’s wrist very nicely. And they will love showing it off pool party because it is waterproof, not water-resistant. The means of it your child can take it into the water. 

It is suitable for its battery. This watch arrives with a CR2 battery that has a long life that can last more than a week without charging. So, your kid can spend more hours playing and less time waiting for a charge. But for features that require more charging which you should keep in mind.   

Why do we love it? 

Parents and even grandparents give five stars and a lot of positive reviews about this watch. They gifted it to their kids and agreed that it is perfect for sports and adventure lover children. 

Pros of using it:

  • Waterproof and safe for kid’s wrist
  • Multifunctional and fashionable
  • Fantastic design with more color options
  • Affordable and user-friendly

Cons of it:

  • It is not ideal for less than 8-years, babe.

3. Venhoo Kids Watches

Quick specs

  • Color: Black
  • Age: 3 to 10 years
  • Brand: Venhoo
  • Display: Digital 
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Type: Sport watch  

The Venhoo silicone strap kids watch 3D cartoon waterproof delivers an adorable silicone band to your kid. This unremarkable kid watch combines girly decor with a classic design and easy-to-read clock.

It is designed with different 7-colors lights with several color options. The analog watches face with the bright primary colorful numbers help your kid’s wrist with the fun band. The band is also decorated with easy math, and the watch is offered a coordinating gift box. 

The Japanese quartz association is powered by an advanced and standard battery that lasts a few years and can be replaced at home.

Key features

  • The fashionable design and color make it very attractive, which your kids can wear to any occasion. Excellent looking watch can be a fantastic gift for family or friend’s kids.     
  •  Next, the silicone material can fit more than six inches in the wrists.
  • The watch is waterproof, more than thirty meters, including an Arabic display. 
  • The numbers are large, colorful, and easy to read as an analog clock. The lines for the second and minutes are evident to understand. 
  • The minutes, hours, and numbers are different in colors which helps your kids understand the time very quickly.
  • Girls love this watch due to its simple adjustment and comfortable wearing to track the time. 

What makes it suitable?

The durable material and high-quality battery make it unique and wonderful. The high-quality silicone strap with stainless steel case and case back makes it a sturdy and durable watch. The watch face is constructed with higher-quality resin, so there is no chance of cracking and scratching easily.    

Why do we love it? 

Kids always love the bright 3D features and different colors with understanding the time with their new watch. We recommend this watch for your kids among those reasons and hope it is the right one to invest a valuable penny.

Pros of using it:

  • The simple design is excellent for the younger kids
  • The silicone band makes it more comfortable and less to cause allergic reactions
  • The 3D cartoon design is beautiful
  • It is waterproof and shock-resistant

Cons of it:

  • It is not perfect for swimming

4. BIGGERFIVE Vigor Kids Watch

Quick specs

  • Color: Blue
  • Age: 5 to 15 years
  • Brand: Biggerfive
  • Display: Digital 
  • Material: Rubber
  • Type: Sport watch  

If you are searching for the best kid watch, which includes more than ten functions and an LBS tracker, get the BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker Watch. It is exceedingly reasonable and multi-purpose, so you get a lot for the pretty investment.

First, pick some different colors that will be suited for your kid’s color preference for the smartwatch. It is compatible with a smartphone to assist track all your child’s activities. It is also ideal for telling time as a watch at first.    

It includes a lot of functions, let’s see them!

Key features

  • The heart rate monitoring system with the latest HR sensor helps to track your kids’ real-time heart rate automatically. It also allows you to understand the kid’s fitness level. 
  • The most fantastic feature of this watch is ‘sleep tracking.’ It also monitors your kid’s sleeping situation like deep sleep, light sleep, and waking time.
  • The sedentary alert performs as the fitness tracker that will alert your child to keep active or relax after long inactive.
  • There are four funny watch dials on this fitness tracker. Your kids can choose their dynamic and clock faces. 
  • It is also IP68 waterproof standard, and your kids wear it when washing hands or running in the rain, and even your kids can wear it at the swimming or bath time.

What makes it suitable?

As the tracker of sleep, steps, and other activities, this kid’s fitness watch offers a fun and innovative platform with an animated clock face. It gives confidence to kids to earn a badge by competing with better connections in fitness challenges.   

If you like this kid watch, you will love this one as much. That’s why your kids will enjoy the 3D design of their favorite characters on the silicone strap. There is even an image of the character on the watch face for even more nice looks.

While these kids’ watch is waterproof, it is durable and shock-resistant. The clock is sealed with rubber, and the glass of the watch face is constructed with a high-quality clear resin, making it very hard and pressure tolerant.

Pros of using it:

  • Most attractive in design and lightweight 
  • It is so durable and affordable
  • It is waterproof and swims resistant
  • More suitable for growing kids

Cons of it:

  • None

5. Garmin vívofit Watch

Quick specs

  • Color: Green
  • Age: 4 to 9 years
  • Brand: Garmin
  • Display: Digital 
  • IOS and Android compatible
  • Type: Smartwatch

Our next kid watch is the Garmin kids watch, and it can be managed by parents, which lets you monitor the multifunctional purposes of children. 

This watch is compatible with IOS, Apple, and Android. It performs and helps you to monitor your kid’s sleep, steps, and other activities from your phone by connecting with the watch with advanced technology. 

According to the experts, it is very impressive with sturdy features, it let’s to wear 24/7 hours even goes while swimming and track all activities. 

Move on and know more features!

Key features

  • Most kids love this watch, especially for its step counters. They love it as the best motivator and inspire them to exercise regularly. 
  • The Garmin kid watch is designed to get your kid more active. The latest version arrives with a huge number of various colors and designs.
  • It includes a lot of interactive games and keeps the kid occupied. 
  • It includes 1-year battery life, and it doesn’t need to recharge again. 
  • It lets the kids reach their regular 60-minutes activity goal with unlocked mobile adventures trail and inspires children to complete their daily tasks with happiness. 

What makes it good?

The one-piece band makes this Garmin vivofit Jr. watch perfect to fit for the kid, even small hands and wrists. That is the reason your kid feels soft and comfortable to wear all day long. It won’t mark or stain the kid’s skin anyway.

Additionally, this watch comes with an activity tracker, and it allows your kids to track their sleep steps and make sure they get one hour of their daily suggested activity time.  

Why do we love it? 

You must love its compatible mobile app that lets you keep track of the children’s chores while permitting your kids to have fun playing the mobile adventure game. 

This kid watch arrives with long battery life and at least one-year battery life that isn’t rechargeable. 

Pros of using it:

  • Kid-friendly and swim-friendly design
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Activity tracker
  • Other devices can control it

Cons of it:

  • The band of this watch rips fairly for its softness.

6. Fitbit Ace Kids Watch

Quick specs

  • Color: Neon yellow + night blue
  • Age: 6+ years
  • Brand: Fitbit
  • Display: Smartwatch 
  • IOS and Android compatible
  • Type: Smartwatch

The Fitbit ace 2 is the best neon yellow kids watch with the fitness tracker. The easy-to-operating menu is very simple to navigate and ideal for kids who are seeking to get and keep moving for an active and healthy way of living.

This smartwatch gives confidence for a healthy lifestyle with the fitness tracker. Your kids can be able to track their steps and active minutes when they skip, jump, and dance. With activity challenges, they wouldn’t like to stop moving.

More features are shown below:

Key features

  • The activity tracker for kids lets the child get excited about moving as they receive virtual edge with an on-screen celebration every time they reach their goal. 
  • This silicone strap watch will fit the kid’s wrist nicely. Due to its swimming proof, they will feel affection for showing it off at the pool parties. 
  • It lets your kid can take it into the water more than 50 feet. And how many of your children go that deep? So, don’t worry there.
  • The kid watch arrives with a durable battery life that can last more than five days without any charging. So, your kid can spend more time moving and playing and less time waiting to charge their battery. 

What makes it good?

This watch allows your kid to get the sleep they need with bedtime reminders and sleep tracking with silent alarms. So, no more bedtime battle! 

The Fitbit Ace 2 will be paired with the Fitbit app so your kids can challenge their friends to competitions, drive their message and cheer them on more fun.

Why do we love it? 

We love it because most parents love it, and they say that this kid watch is a great motivational tool for the kid to keep them active all the time. One of the best selling points of it is that it is also water and rainproof.

Pros of using it:

  • It allows enjoying a more active life
  • It needs for good sleeping habit
  • This watch helps your kid to move, jump or dance
  • It is durable and most user-friendly.

Cons of it:

  • It is not suitable for a teenager.

7. Viposoon Kids Watches

Quick specs

  • Color: Black
  • Age: 3 to 10 years
  • Brand: Viposoon
  • Display: Smartwatch 
  • 7-colors flashing
  • Type: Smartwatch 

The last kid watch on our list is the best waterproof kids watch from Viposoon. This kid watch arrives with twelve different cute design options with a 3D cartoon figure and an adjustable strap. 

All of the watches include digital faces with fun designs, and most are brightly colored LED backlights. Furthermore, it can perform as a stopwatch, an alarm, and a calendar that all the similar time.   

What more features? Read on….

Key features

  • It is easy to read, just like similar to the EasyRead time teacher analog understand the time children’s watch, this one has a large round clock face window. It lets your kid read the numbers easily on the watch face.
  • For those older children to read, the minute with hour’s hands is labeled.
  • They aren’t pretty reading yet; the hands of kids are different in colors and make it easier to realize the time.
  • Your children are going to love the 3D cartoon design. Every cartoon character is different plus interesting. Professional designers design them with kids in mind.

What makes it good?

The high-quality silicone strap with the metal steel case with stainless steel case back prepares it as a tough and long-lasting watch. The watch is constructed of high-quality resin, so you don’t need to worry about quickly scratching. 

When your child doesn’t exactly take it swimming with this watch, it is waterproof enough that you don’t should to worry about it getting ruined when they splash and wash their hands.  

The high-quality battery offers long-lasting use with the Japanese quartz movement delivering precise and exact time.  

Why do we love it? 

The reviews from parents reveal that it is a great watch for teaching kids to tell the time when it is waterproof and shockproof.

Pros of using it:

  • 3D cartoon design
  • Budget-friendly and kid-friendly
  • It is easy to read for kids
  • Waterproof and shockproof 

Cons of it:

  • It is not the best affordable option for the older kid

Give your kid the best watches!

The first kid watch on our list can be an amazing gift for your child. It makes your kid feel more just like a grown-up. And it can also be the first step to learn liability and independence. 

When you are shopping to pick the best kid watches, you should think about where and when your kid allow wear their watch and what they can be doing while wearing the watch. Here they feel more confident to show their personality and style.

Analog or digital, child-like or grown-up, whatever style of watch you can choose for your kid. You can give any type of watch as a gift.